How to Claim Free 25$ Stellar Lumens (XLM) with Blockchain wallet?

Stellar Airdrop in collaboration with is giving away a total of $125,000,000 worth of Stellar Tokens (XLM)

Stellar Airdrop in collaboration with is giving away a total of $125,000,000 worth of Stellar Tokens (XLM). All Blockchain users need to do is log in to their wallets and verify their identity.

If you don’t have a wallet yet, read our “How to create a Blockchain Wallet?”  guide on how to set one up and verify your identity!

What’s An Airdrop?

Airdrop is a distribution tactic generally used by a project during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage, where the company will give away a specified percentage of tokens for free.

What do I need to do to receive XLM?

To receive free Stellar to your wallet you’ll need to complete your Blockchain wallet profile (Gold level) to meet compliance requirements.

Blockchain requires participants to verify their identity to ensure that no one is trying to claim more Stellar Lumens (XLM) than they are entitled to (one XLM distribution per person, unless participating in any bonus activities).

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Note: You can still use your Blockchain Wallet without verifying.

Afterwards, navigate to your Blockchain dashboard and you’ll find a new message with the title “We now Support Stellar” and the “Claim Your Free XLM Now” button.

Click on the “Claim Your Free XLM Now” button and you’ll receive an email with the title “Your XLM is on its way”.

You’ll also get a confirmation email once you receive your free XLM in your wallet.

Note: If you don’t see this “Claim Your Free XLM Now” button” after identity verification, visit the following the link “GetCrypto” and press “GetCrypto” button.

How Much XLM Will You Receive?

Once your identity has been verified and you claim free Stellar, you will receive $25 worth of XLM. According to Blockchain, by verifying your identity, you will be automatically entered into additional giveaways (airdrops).

With your Blockchain Wallet, you can exchange it to Bitcoin, Etherium or Bitcoin Cash.

Why It’s Good for Blockchain

They get $125 million to acquire new users, and all they have to do is add Stellar to their platform. It’s likely Blockchain will continue to do this with other altcoins as well. The wallet provider has already gone ahead and referred to this particular giveaway as part of their Blockchain Airdrops program.

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