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Optimizing your Windows

Few tweaks and tricks for windows operating system.

This guide is related to my previous article, please read and go over through it.

Adjust windows for best performance

Windows by default come installed with several settings that are improving appearance of your windows system. Some of them are animations, shadows, translucency etc… All of these consume some CPU power, and it means that windows is always crunching something in the background. If you wish to change those settings , follow these intructions :

  • 1. Open Control panel
  • 2. Find & click System & Security

  • 3. Click System once again within System and Security

  • 4. On the left, open Advanced settings

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  • 5. Within System Properties , find Advanced tab, and click on settings

  • 6. Here are all you Performance options that are enabled on your system.

I suggest you pick a Adjust for best performance option that will improve your system performance by several percents…
While there, head out to Advanced tab, and there adjust for best performance of Background services. This might sound weird, but from my past experience working with windows, it is best to have that option enabled as your computer will be faster.

Windows Startup options

When windows is starting , there are several programs / services that are starting automatically while windows is booting. You can investigate which one’s of them are by looking on Startup tab within Task Manager.
There are several ways to open your Task manager within windows 10, either you rightclick your taskbar, or press and hold CTRL ALT DEL key combination to open it.
If you are opening your Task manager for the first time, you need to click More Details to gain access to everything.

Please note, that programs in your startup list will probably wary from yours and the reason for that is simple, we don’t have same softwares running on our system. But, review this list and disable all programs you don’t want to be automatically loaded while booting. The most interesting tab is Startup Impact. Let it be your guidance.

If there are some, or maybe several, programs that are set to auto-start and you don’t recognize. I would suggest google-ing to find additional information about them to see how are you going to proceed. I’d suggest uninstalling all unknown programs via control panel.


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