League of Legends vs Dota 2 – Which MOBA game is better?

DOTA was the founder of the MOBA style, but now its rival, League of Legends, is more popular with gamers. But which game is better than the other?


League of Legends in 2009 was able to take a big step in the MOBA genre. Although it had a different style than Dota 2, it soon became one of the greatest games in the history of gaming. From the world of Esports to Normal games, League of Legends introduced Riot Games to the world. Now Riot Games is expanding its reach with the release of games such as Legends of Runeterra, Valorant, and League of Legends: Wild Rift, and is set to overtake other game companies. But we should not forget about DOTA2. In this part of the game news, we will compare these two MOBA giants.

The League of Legends was not the first multiplayer online battle arena videogame. Even fans of the League of Legends consider DOTA2 to be the father of this genre.

LoL vs Dota 2. Uniform visual designers


It is crucial to mention this: Countless updates have been released for the two since their releases and Valve has been able to keep up with the game’s new technology. That’s why the game now looks so smooth. Very big and dramatic changes have been applied to this game, but inside, Dota 2 has the same style and mode as its previous series.

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Of course, this is because Dota 2 was based on Warcraft. We can still sometimes see its roots in the game. It is possible to give it a new spirit by redesigning the main elements. The style of play does not change much in these cases, but the visual characteristics are one of the most important factors to the players.

LoL vs Dota 2. Skins and unique designs (sets)


League of Legends is quite the opposite of Dota 2 in this aspect. New skins and characters, that are constantly added to this game, double the beauty of the medieval theme of this game. The roots of this game are in the fantasy genre but have no similarities with other games. From pirates and ghosts to scary multidimensional monsters, LoL has it all in its Champions. None of these characters are alike and each has its own unique characteristics.

By LoL, we mean most of its various skins; The main way that Riot Games earns money. Previously, only the color of the characters’ costumes changed, but now not only the color but also their armor, faces, and costumes have been redesigned to match Halloween, Christmas, etc. This makes League of Legends more diverse and beautiful.

LoL vs Dota 2. Map


Because of its easy-to-understand and simple map, Dota 2 was the start of the MOBA genre. The stairs are open paths, the foliage of the trees is large and bright, and the defect is just a few small obstacles that are difficult to understand from behind the map.

The best part of the map is its diversity. Above the map are fiery forests and below the map are green forests with brown trunks. Dota 2 maps are very smooth and clear, and new players can better understand the characteristics of more complex characters.

Frequent changes to the League of Legends map


In comparison to the Dota 2 map, League of Legends’ map is the same from a few years ago. The map could change shape to four different elements. If Dragon comes in any of these shapes, the details of the map will match his theme. As a result, the map of each match is very different from its next and previous match.

People who did not like the traditional Summoner’s Rift shape fell in love with the variety of colors, themes, and map shapes in the new update. Because LoL is more Fight-oriented, sometimes fewer walls or more trees on the map can change the overall strategy of your game. None of the MOBA games compare to League of Legends in this aspect. Riot Games revolutionized the genre with LoL.

DOTA2 monitoring mechanisms


Keep in mind that in the last few years, Dota has received many updates. It is a very popular game that initially had close ties to the MOBA genre, which none of the competitors could emulate. The main reason is that the game mechanics have not changed much since their release and have remained almost constant.

Dota 2 is much older than LoL. The change in characters and their powers did not change the overall idea of ​​the game, and the gameplay is almost the same as it was a few years ago. It may have undergone many changes since then, but its origins remain intact. Unlike LoL, which has changed in these years.

Release of successive League of Legends updates


Maybe if we put the current League of Legends next to the 2009 version, we can not find similarities between them. Each season, the type of gameplay has changed according to gamers’ feedback. All gaming systems have been redesigned at least once; From the way the Champions walk to the item shop, where both the appearance of the items and their use have all changed completely.

These updates make the League of Legends always look new and fresh. If you return to LoL after a year, you will be amazed at the amount of change and you will have to play continuously for a week to get the game going. The world, its appearance, and gameplay are new, but its essence has not changed. You must destroy the turrets and the Nexus to defeat the opponent.

Dota 2 International


We can not compare League of Legends and Dota 2 and not mention their world championships. Both games hold the record for the largest gaming industry in the world. Only a handful are bigger than The International. The International is the annual event of the Dota 2 World Championships where gamers compete for the World Cup. The prize money was about $34 million in 2019 and about $40 million in 2020.

This tournament is one of the biggest tournaments in the world and people from all over the world travel to the host country to watch the matches live. The event is so noisy that people who have not even heard of DOTA2 enter the tournament out of curiosity.

LoL Live events


Instead, if you’ve never seen one of the live events of the League of Legends Champion (LCS), you know nothing about gaming! These music concerts and live events will attract more players to the game. Stars such as (G) I-DLE and Madison Beer announce the finale of the LCS season with music performances.

In addition to holding such crowded and noisy events, League of Legends also uploads the content of these events on social media so that all gamers can watch them at home. The directing quality of these gaming events has always been superb and the producers put the finishing touches. Sometimes the news becomes so addictive that you feel like you have to check the website every day to know the name of yesterday’s winner.

Dota 2: Original MOBA


We’ve mentioned this several times, but again, Dota 2 is nothing short of a complete MOBA game. As a MOBA game, Dota 2 wasn’t like any other. It’s hard to forget the amazing gameplay style because it was a model for so many titles.

Surprisingly, Dota 2 is still a popular game. Especially when we see how high the level of competition in this genre is and how big the competitors are. DOTA2 is a page in the history of the gaming industry. Any gamer who wants challenging, classic, and beautiful games should try Dota 2 once in a while.

League of Legends: Giant MOBA


The only problem with Dota 2 is that it is not new. It is difficult to find open Dota people, despite it being free, because its gamer community is small, and very few people want to play Dota2 instead of LoL as their first MOBA game. League of Legends was not the founder of the Moba genre, but it proved that it could keep the game alive by keeping the gameplay fresh and successive updates. Both players who have turned to LoL for entertainment and players who have competed with LoL can benefit from the LoL infrastructure.

League of Legends, in addition to having many fans, is one of the best Moba games, thanks to numerous Champions and consecutive weekly and monthly updates. The game is balanced every week and its bugs are fixed, but one of its problems is that it only balances the appearance. Akali is still one of the popular OneShot champions! However, the Ranked part of the game is a lot of fun. You can crush the enemy team with your friends at night to go up in the game rankings and curse your toxic teammates.

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