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Everything you need to know about League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle scene game, also called MOBA.

League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games. It is one of the most played video games in the world inspired by Defense of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III.

It is a team-based strategy game where two teams of five powerful champions face off to destroy the other’s base. You can choose over 140 champions to make epic plays, secure kills and battle to victory.

What is Champion ?

Every ten players in the game can control only one hero. There are currently more than 140 heroes, with new heroes constantly being added over time. Each hero has special abilities and powers with a unique style of play. To your own person.

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Before starting the game in the champion selection section, each team takes turns choosing its champion. When working as a team, there are many strategies for defeating the opposing team. Each new game you start can be different from the previous game.

The Gameplay

League is kind of like a role-playing game (RPG) that ends in a very short time. You start from Level 1 and as you gain experience and earn gold to buy items, gradually You get stronger throughout the game. The two teams constantly increase their power and fight with each other, which eventually gives one team the upper hand and takes action for the final victory.

How to win ?

The ultimate goal of LoL (League of Legends) is to destroy the base of the other team, but this is not easy. Your enemies will do their best to kill you and destroy your base. Each base has a series of turrets and minions that spawn continuously throughout the game. If at the beginning of a game you intend to attack the enemy base directly, you will surely die. Because the hero You are weak at the start of the game.

What is Summoner’s Rift ?

It is a standard map that professionals play on. There are other maps in the league, but for now, we are focusing on Summoner’s Rift. There are two teams of five players, the blue team and the red team. To win, each team must destroy the other Nexus team. During a race, the minions continuously lay eggs on the Nexus and cross three paths.

In the game there are three lines, the middle line of the top line and the bottom line, all three lines have towers or towers that attack enemy heroes and minions. To destroy the opponent Nexus team, you must remove the towers from Destroy so you can win.

Fountain or Shop

At the beginning of each game, you start from the fountain. Whenever you die, you start again from the fountain and it is a place where you can buy from the store or shop to upgrade your hero.

Income or Items

As mentioned earlier, killing a minion, tower or enemy hero gives players gold, which can be used to buy items in the store.

The ultimate goal of winning gold is to give players flexibility in their style of play, which causes more damage, becomes stronger and more efficient.

Basics of Heroes

Now that we understand the basics of the map, let’s talk about the heroes. The heroes are the heart and soul of this game.

While Summoner’s Rift remains the same, different combinations of heroes chosen by ten players in the game can create different games. Playing with some of them is simple and easy while mastering with some of the heroes. It’s no longer simple and requires you to play hundreds of games with them to learn how to play with them!

Auto-Attacks and Abilities

Each hero has Auto-Attack and abilities. Automatic attacks, also called Basic Attacks, occur when a player clicks on a target. Abilities using Q, W, E, R Each hero has abilities that are specific to each of these buttons.

All heroes also have access to two abilities using D and F, called Summoner Spells. These depend on the player’s personal preference. Finally, heroes can use 7-1 keys from items such as Redemption and Tiamat. To use.

Ability Resources: Mana

All heroes use mana, energy and anger. Mana is shown with a blue bar below the health bar and is reproduced over time.

Energy is indicated by a yellow bar and is also regenerated over time but much faster than mana. There are ways to gain energy, the automatic attack is one of the methods you use You can get energy, but you can not increase your energy by buying items.

Attack Damage (AD)

Attack Damage, also known as physical damage, is damage caused by a basic automatic attack. Depending on the hero you choose, the amount of damage you do varies. Attack point, shown in orange.

Ability Power (AP)

Ability Power primarily strengthens your abilities. However, it can also boost some items and runes. The power of the pointing ability is shown in green.


Armor is a defense stat that reduces physical damage and helps you do less damage against opposing heroes.

Magic Resist (MR)

Magic Resistance is an armor that reduces the damage done to your hero by magic.

Attack Speed (AS)

Attack speed indicates the speed of your hero’s automatic attacks. In general, if you want to increase your physical damage, you need attack speed.

Cooldown Reduction (CDR)

Each level has a Cooldown that indicates how long it will take for you to use that feature again.

Critical Strike Chance

This feature gives you a chance to double the damage you do. For example, if your Critical Strike Chance is 50%, the chance that this feature will be activated is half, but if your Critical Strike Chance is 100% , This feature is activated with each attack, and with each attack, you damage the opponent twice.

Movement Speed (MS)

Speed ​​indicates how fast your hero moves on the map. Speed ​​can be increased with abilities or items.

Champion Experience

At the beginning of the game, each hero starts from Level One and continues to the maximum level 18. Heroes gain experience by killing minions and Farming Minions. Note that killing Farms The jungle or the monsters in the jungle only adds to the experience of the player who was hit by the kill. You can also increase your hero experience by being in the range of enemy minions or enemy heroes who are dying. This radius is approximately 3 times the range of the hero’s automatic attack. Gaining level and experience will make Heroes gain more power and buying items is no exception to this rule. For example, the Ashe hero has a base power of about 539hp at level 1 and a base power at level 18, 1984hp. Mana reconstruction, attack damage, attack speed, armour and magic resistance. Level upgrades give skill points that are used to increase the power of abilities. The effect of the skill point can be dependent on the hero and the ability itself. In the example above for Ashe’s W, Volley, increase the ability level from 1 to 2. Increases damage from 20 to 35 and decreases CDR from 15 to 12.5 seconds.

Summoner Spells

Beyond the abilities of each hero, each summoner must choose two summon spells for his hero. Summon spells act as two additional abilities with specific goals. They make your heroes easier with a specific strategy. Choose your team and style of play. When you first start playing, you will unlock them over time. In this section, what each one does and why and where. Use, we will check.

Heal (240 Second Cooldown)

Heal immediately compensates for part of your health and speeds up your movement by 1%. This ability is also used to give Heal to a friend. You see.

Ghost (180 Second Cooldown)

This spell adds a lot of speed to the movement for 10 seconds and allows you to pass heroes, minions, monsters. Ghost for heroes who chase their opponents or want to stay safe. This is a great choice. This ability has less flexibility than its Flash counterpart.

Barrier (180 Second Cooldown)

The barrier instantly gives you a shield, which is great for reducing damage. You’ll usually see a barrier for heroes playing in the midfield.

Exhaust (210 Second Cooldown)

Exhaust slows down the champion and reduces damage by 40% in 2.5 seconds. This ability is primarily used defensively but can also be used as an option to chase opponents.

Flash (300 Second Cooldown)

Flash is the most popular spell that allows you to jump a short distance in any direction. This ability may seem simple at first, but Flash flexibility allows you to use the same in offensive and defensive situations. Size can be used. You can use this ability to engage and surprise the enemy.

Teleport (360 Second Cooldown)

This spell allows you to instantly reach a minion or tower and move from place to place. Note that it takes 4 seconds for you to be teleported.

Smite (210 Second Cooldown)

Smite allows you to cast a spell of severe damage on a hero, monster or minion. This is the main spell of the heroes who farm in the forest, called Jungler.

Ignite (180 Second Cooldown)

Ignite is a feature that lasts more than 5 seconds and causes Burning Damage damage, which means that after casting a spell on the enemy, the opponent is burning for 5 seconds and loses his health. If you can use this ability in time You can guarantee a kill. This spell can counteract the Heal spell.


In addition to spells, runes are another way to tune your hero to maximize your hero’s strengths and control your weaknesses.

In this section, we will look at the main themes of each of the five Rune Trees. The five Rune trees are Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve, and Inspiration.


Enables auto-attacks for heroes who attack from a distance, such as Ashe, or heroes who attack from close range, such as Tryndamere. Overall damage increases.


Improves your ability to explode instantly or kill a target. For example, it gives you a lot of speed to reach your prey quickly.


Witchcraft enhances your abilities but also has good benefits.


If you are looking to boost your defenses, this is the runes tree for you.


The characteristic of these runes is to inspire to break abilities and spells.

Five Roles in LoL

In a standard game, each of the five-team players is assigned to one of five specific roles. Such as Mid, Jungle, Top, ADC, Support. Before the match, you have the opportunity to choose the main role that represents Is the role you prefer to play.

Since the popularity of the roles varies, you can also choose a secondary role. You can also choose an option called Fill, which means that you are not bad in any of the roles in the game. If you are a completely new player, We suggest spending your time playing a few games of each role to know about the performance of each and what you do.

What is team composition ?

Because LoL is a 5-on-5 team game, choosing the champions on the team is a very important combination. Often, by combining the abilities and strengths of your choices, you can greatly increase your team’s chances of winning. An easy example to understand is that the five heroes you pick up have spells and abilities to win the 5-on-5 battles they can win during the game. Each team has a goal in mind that is known as the condition for victory. The condition for winning is to catch and kill several team members at the same time. If any team that does it better is more likely to win the game. Another example of a team is war and conflict.

This combination uses heroes who are highly agile and can fight from multiple angles in disorderly battles. A team that uses a combination of war and conflict is more likely to defeat an AoE team (described in the example above). Because the AoE team relies on powerful spells, and as you know, these abilities have Cooldown, they may be able to win a war, but the war and conflict team has attacks and abilities that are weaker, but in all conflicts. They can be used.

And as a result …

If you have read this article to the end, do not doubt that you are interested in this game and it is enough to play to fall in love with this game.

League of Legends

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