Brawl Stars: A Light Action Brawler For Mobile

Working in teams of three, players duke it out with members of opposing squads in various modes of play, in order to fulfill an objective

Supercell, responsible for such titles as Clash of Clans, and Clan Battle, released an online multiplayer shooter back in 2018. Similar in format to League of Legends, and Overwatch, Brawl stars has players battle it out in teams. But has the fun and colorful design that the studio is known for.

What is Brawl Stars all about?

Working in teams of three, players duke it out with members of opposing squads in various modes of play, in order to fulfill an objective. Each player picks out a Brawler to control. Two of the same Brawlers can’t on the same squad though.

The Android, and iOS compatible title, Brawl stars can be unlocked through gameplay, or purchased in the in-game store. Players can also unlock skins to personalize their gaming experience.

Brawl stars Gamemodes

There are several modes that players can choose from to participate in the action. Each of them has a team size limit and different objectives. Brawl Pass is pretty much a campaign mode, where players must compete for game-for-game along a set trajectory.

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Power league has a ranking system that adds a more competitive feel to the gameplay. Unlocked after 4500 trophies are collected, this mode can be played solo, or within teams of 3. Winners are decided in a best-of-three format, and draws aren’t counted.


The title is updated in season, which sees additional Brawlers, in-game functionality, or items added with each season. The first Brawl Pass came with the addition of Brawler Gale, while the following update introduced Surge, and Brawler Collete – along with a Gift shop and Brawler Pins (emoji’s that can be used in-game). Then came the third season – called Welcome to Star Park.

Colonel Ruffs, Belle, Griff, and Buzz we’re introduced with subsequent additions to the game. The latest update, Season 8: Once Upon A Brawl, debuted Brawler Ash to the in-game world, as well as a new Solo Showdown mode. In the game mode, Brawlers defeat other Brawlers to earn trophies. They also lose a trophy for every loss they incur.

Supercells decisions

As previously mentioned, the game was developed to be similar, in play, to Overwatch and Leagure of Legends, but Supercell stripped away all of the bells and whistles and kept it simple in look and feel. The decision for this was precipitated by the fact that the game house wanted to keep the title mobile-friendly.

Supercell did their best to keep giving it a unique feel, although battle-royal elements were introduced. The title went through extensive Beta testing in 2017 and only became available for worldwide consumption at the end of 2018. Though it debuted to mixed criticism, Brawl Stars has gone on to capture the hearts of over 200 million players in 2018 who propelled to the position of the second-highest-grossing game of 2020

Closing thoughts

Many battle-royale genre fans criticized the game’s map for showing displaying all players clearly. Leaving out the tension that comes from wondering how your next opponent might come at you. However, it also adds a good amount of old-school arcade nostalgia in doing so. The title was stripped down to fit mobile, and it does a good job of delivering simple, on-the-go, fun.

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