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10 Tricks to Beat Resident Evil 2

Two words: Zombie apocalypse.

Enough to send chills down your spine, aren’t they? Well, imagine playing one of the most characteristic survival horror games of this decade that places your main characters in the midst of the flesh-eating hordes of the Raccoon City! No use turning back, because here in this post, I’ll be telling you expert ways to stand your ground and beat the game, which has terrified the players across the world, namely, Resident Evil 2.

Released at the end of January 2019, this Capcom remake has succeeded in turning the gore level up a notch by introducing uber-realistic graphics, harder to kill antagonists, scarcer resources and increasingly complex survival puzzles. Staying alive in such a world seems like a herculean task. However, if you’ve decided to devote your nights to it once and for all, then allow me to help you in achieving this gaming milestone successfully. Check out the following tips and tricks which will guide your survival journey in the horrifying apocalyptic world of Resident Evil 2.

Storage Slot Expansion

A fact to remember: There is a visible dearth of space in the game’s given inventory, meaning you cannot possibly hope to carry each and every single item you find along the way. Therefore, it is vital that you manage the storage space smartly to beat the game. Discard used-up things, and rely on hip pouches if you wish to get extra slots.

The Rule of Three

One of the most frustratingly brilliant aspects of Resident Evil 2 is the bullet-defying zombie. No matter how many times you shoot the creature, it keeps on getting up and resuming its attack. This is significantly different from the single-kill zombie format you often see in movies on your cable TV. So, how do you truly knock it down? By putting three bullets from your 9mm pistol directly in its head, which on exploding, can finally assure you of its demise.

Herb Boost

A simple health-restoring trick in the game would be to collect all three kinds of herbs (red, blue & green) and mix them up for an ultimate boosting kick, instead of wasting time munching them on their own.

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Artful Dodging

If you wish to save your ammunition, then simply dodge the zombies by escaping their grasp, especially Mr. X. One way to do this would be to lure them into a corner and then dashing away in the opposite direction. These few saved seconds can make all the difference.

360° Examination

Easter eggs are hidden everywhere in the game. Observe every item carefully in a room before heading out. For further examination, go to your inventory and click on ‘Key Items’. Rotate the selected item in any direction you want and locate the secret buttons you might’ve missed before.

Chess Piece Collection

This is one of the most trying puzzles in the whole game, and you have to play it with both eyes open in order to complete it. Don’t forget to check out the sockets, the sewers and the gauntlets of the monsters to acquire the chess pieces, and then keep a track of where you found them to complete the puzzle like a pro.

Stick and Slay

In case you’re grabbed by a zombie and don’t want to lose extra health points from the bite, then incapacitate the creature by pressing the L1 prompt. This will enable you to stick your knife in the zombie’s neck or shove a grenade in its mouth. Doing so will force it to lose its grip on you, and then you can easily run away or put it down.

Save at Every Point

Use the typewriter saving system whenever you come across it, as a single wrong move could kill you and then you will have to restart all over again. Also, spread out the save files instead of overwriting. Just a tip.

Map Consultation

The landscape of Resident Evil 2 can seem like a labyrinth at times, given the unforeseeable twists and turns. If you don’t consult the map regularly, chances are you’ll get lost in the ways and lose precious in game-time. So, keep yourself navigationally oriented at all times.

Special Weapons

Don’t miss out on the flamethrower or the Spark Shot weapon, which kill the enemy with a single blow.

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for? Use the aforementioned pointers to beat the game that will surely haunt your dreams: Resident Evil 2. Let me know how it goes.

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