Why is Multiversus Dominating the Gaming Scene?

How did Multiversus become the best-selling game in July?

Multiversus is a brand new game published by Warner Bros. and developed by Player First Games. It takes games such as Super Smash Bros and Brawlhalla and adds Warner-owned characters. Some of the most notable ones are Batman, Superman, LeBron James, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, King Kong, Gandalf, and many more. This crossover game has become a hit with most of the gaming community, and here is why.

Multiversus’s Characters

Although the developers chose a competitive genre dominated by Nintendo (Super Smash Bros), Multiversus seems to be stealing the spotlight. The main reason for it is the crossovers in the game. Childhood characters such as Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo can now fight? It gives no reason for people not to play.

As previously stated, many fictional worlds crossover. Lots of them are worthy of being considered household names. The most popular ones are- DC, Scooby-Doo, Game of Thrones, and many Cartoon Network shows. Therefore, calling this a colossal crossover is an understatement.

Multiversus Sponsored Content

Multiversus has amassed a following of 377,000 people on Twitch in its first month of being released. It has done this through many sponsorships. One streamer, in particular, Hasanabi, gave a very straightforward opinion. He claimed that Multiversus is “infinitely better than 90% of the content that Warner Bros have put out”.

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On Youtube, Multiversus has sponsored the well-known YouTube group, Sidemen. A video of them playing Multiversus has garnered 2.4 million Views. This, along with other YouTubers such as Ssundee, Ishowspeed, and Penguinz0, have massively helped Multiversus gain the attention of many players.

Free To Play

Following the trend first popularised by Fortnite, Multiversus is free to play, giving it an edge over games such as Super Smash Bros. and Mortal Kombat since they cost money to play.

Multiversus has two forms of in-game currency. Gold is obtained by playing the game and completing missions, and has less value than Gleamium. Gleamium can only be purchased with real money. Players can unlock new characters using either Gold or Gleamium. This means that players will either have to play the game or spend money to unlock characters, making it enjoyable for everyone.

Closing Thoughts

While Multiversus has taken the gaming scene by storm, it is unclear whether it will stand the test of time or not. Many players have issues with the game as it is still in the early stages. If the players have a voice, Multiversus has no reason not to become the number one game in its genre. Not to mention, there are tons of other characters owned by Warner Bros. that can help keep the game fresh and pull in new players.

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