Customers’ expectations from On-demand mechanic apps

“Satisfaction is the most important ingredient to success”, says Denis Waitley. Humans are in constant need of satisfaction. Humans are never content. It is the need for satisfaction that drives the globe around. People find it difficult to access mechanic shops nowadays. In undesirable situations like vehicle breakdown, malfunction, etc., people find it difficult to reach out to a mechanic. They aren’t satisfied with this situation. To satisfy people, modern developers and inventors have come up with a solution. An on-demand mechanic app development offering mechanic services with a single tap in smartphones is satisfying people globally. 

Imagine you are on a long drive with your family, and suddenly your vehicle stops. Isn’t that the least expected thing to happen? You don’t know where you are. There are no signs of mechanics nearby. In such a situation, an Uber for mechanics app can come in handy. Let’s take a look at the rise of the mobile mechanics market. 

The rise of mobile mechanics app market: 

Various facts on the market are discussed here, 

  • The automobile industry is expected to generate $722.8 billion by 2020.
  • The CAGR of the repair and maintenance market is expected to grow by 5.8% between 2020 and 2026. 
  • Wrench, an online startup providing mechanics services, is currently valued at $22.4 million. 
  • The startup launched in 2014, has attracted 80,000 customers in North America. 
  • There are almost 270 million vehicles in the US. 
  • Mobile mechanics in the US earn $76,643 as their average pay annually. 
  • The car maintenance service market is expected to generate a whopping $478.08 billion by 2026. 

All these facts signify that the car repair and maintenance market is flourishing. The market will continue to grow exponentially for years to come. 

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What are customers expecting from the on-demand Mechanics app? 

The expectations of the customers from an extensive market study are listed here. If you are looking for Uber for mechanic app solutions, this can come in handy for you. 

‘A complete service.’ 

Users accessing the app, expect a complete service of their vehicle. People needn’t look out on the streets for a mechanic shop. With a single tap, they can book a complete service of their vehicle. People availing monthly car services can be greatly benefited from this aspect of the app. They needn’t spend time waiting in line for their car services. They get instant services with the app. A complete service includes all-in-one services like oil changing, wheel alignments, analysis of almost every part of the car, etc. 

‘Specialized mechanics.’ 

Certain users demand services for specific automotive parts like engines, wheels, etc. To such users, a general mechanic may not be very helpful. They need specialized engine mechanics who have wider knowledge and in-depth experience in the field. So, providing customers what they expect is the primary step to gain satisfaction. A separate feature providing specialized mechanics can greatly benefit users. This adds to the reliability of users towards the app. 

‘User-friendly UI/UX.’ 

Users prefer a simple and reliable app. Any complexity to use the app can pave the way for users to look for alternatives. A user-friendly app providing seamless experience can gather a lot of attention. The popularity of the app among people increases only if the app is convenient to use. Hence, while developing the app, make sure you use an user-friendly UI/UX that satisfies users. 

Now that you know what the customers are expecting, you can provide a better Uber for mechanics in the market. The next step is to convert these expectations into reality during the development of the app. 

What are the features to be included in an Uber for Mechanics app? 

Features determine the longevity of the app in the market. Any app consists of two types of features, basic features, and advanced features. Let’s take a look at different features that shape up the Uber for Mechanics app. 

Basic features of the app: 

  • Registration: Users can sign up in the app through different social media profiles. 
    • Search and filters: Users can search for different mechanics in the app based on their availability. Filters can be applied to sort out mechanics based on ratings, experience, etc.
  • Book/cancel appointments: Users can book appointments with intended mechanics through the app. They can also cancel their appointments in case of any undesirable situations. 
  • Bill-estimation: Once users specify their services, they will be provided with a bill estimate they need to pay. Bill estimates include a breakdown of payment including, labor charges, taxes, etc.
  • Real-time tracking: Users can track the location of mechanics instantly with this feature. The estimated time of arrival of the mechanics is displayed to users. 
  • Payment options: Users can pay for mechanics service in a multitude of ways. Payments can be made via credit, debit cards, digital wallets, etc.
  • Push Notifications: Users get instant updates in the app via push notifications. They needn’t open the app every time. Important updates reach users instantly via notifications. This conserves time for users. 
  • Ratings and Reviews: Users can rate the service of mechanics on a scale of 1-5. They can share their experience/feedback in the form of reviews. 

These basic features are almost common for any mechanic services app. It is the advanced features that distinguish the developing app from the rest. Users are most likely to be attracted by these features. 

Advanced features of the app: 

  • Access Expert mechanics: As per the customer expectations, users are provided with Expert mechanics by this feature. For this feature to be efficient, business owners must tie hands with expert service providers who have in-depth knowledge in their field. This is an essential feature to increase users’ reliability towards the app. 
  • Availability toggle to mechanics: To provide users with several mechanics to choose from, you need to provide mechanics who can work in their free hours. For this reason, mechanics are provided with an availability toggle switch. Mechanics can turn on the feature whenever they are available. This prevents mechanics from sticking to a schedule to working whenever they’re free. 
  • Renewing monthly services: This feature can be of great use to users availing monthly vehicle services. Users can simply renew the services made last month with a single tap. By syncing the users’ calendar, it is possible to even remind users of their monthly services. Always remember, the higher the user is satisfied, the more likely he/she avails services in the app. This feature can greatly benefit business owners as it helps users use services now and then. 


An on-demand mechanics app development involves advanced planning and proper utilization of resources. Providing what the customers want is the need of the hour. An Uber for Mechanics app is gaining popularity among people for being highly reliable and convenient. Doing an extensive market study can help you know what customers are expecting in the market. It is the features that attract users towards the app. People are demanding an app that can completely satisfy their vehicle repair and maintenance. Can you provide them?

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