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Forgotten Windows 10 Password?

Have you forgotten your windows 10 password?

If so, this article is for you. The procedure below will assist you on retrieving lost Administrator’s password on Windows 10. and Windows 7. operating systems.

1. Start the PC in the SAFE MODE with Command Prompt Only

Easiest way to get to the Command Prompt is to restart your device by pressing the Shift key while you select the Power  button on the bottom right corner of the sign-in screen.

After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt

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2. Now when you are in command prompt

First ensure that you are working on primary disk , usually it is C:\ partition.

Ensure that you are located on the drive where windows is installed, usually it is C: drive. Next, type the following command :

cd C:\Windows\System32

( Note that C:\ represents partition where the windows is installed, for example if your windows is on D: then go to d:\windows\system32… )

3. After you’ve successfully navigated to your System32 folder

There are few things we are going to do here.

First thing is to swap utilman.exe with cmd.exe

This will result in tricking Windows 10 to open Command prompt instead of Ease of Access program…

First backup the utilman.exe by copying it to some other location

Copy utilman.exe c:\

Now when we have utilman.exe safely backup-ed we can proceed . Enter the following commands

ren utilman.exe utilman1.exe

ren cmd.exe utilman.exe

These commands will rename utilman.exe into utilman1.exe and cmd.exe to utilman.exe

After doing so, just close the command prompt window, unplug usb drives that you might have connected and restart the pc.

When your windows 10 boots up with a login screen. Click on an Ease of access Icon – it should be right beside the shutdown/power icon.

Now, instead of Ease of Access, we brought the Command prompt up.

Next thing we need to do is change users passwords, enter the following command(s)

Net user

This will bring up all users that have access, in order to change the password for any of them simply enter following command

Net user lega *

Now you’ll need to enter your new password twice for the selected account. Please note that ‘lega’ is my Account name, so you’ll need to alter the command to fit your accounts name, for example, if your account name is Mark, you need to enter net user Mark *

After we’ve changed the password, now we can log in using the same.

The last step is to revert utilman and cmd.exe to their original state. This can’t be done within the Windows 10, so you’ll have to go back to the Safe mode Command Prompt once again. When there, just rename files as they were. Go back to your X:\Windows\System32\  (X represents partition where your windows is installed ) and rename the files, using following commands

Ren utilman.exe cmd.exe

Ren utilman1.exe utilman.exe


Altough, there are some software alternatives that would do the thing, but this explained method above does not require anything as such and thus you can implement it on any windows 10 OS.

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