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In this article we'll be talking about keyword research and some tools that I find useful.

Keyword research is incredibely important to your SEO campaign. Every SEO campaign begins with creating a keyword list, from there you analyze the keywords you’ve come up with and you decide which one you will put on particular pages of your website. So, without doing the proper research and without using the proper tools your website risks getting very little traffic. Also, sometimes people can target the wrong keywords and doing this is just a waste of time and a waste of money.

In this article I am going to write about few tools that you might not have even known existed. We are going to compare some free tools with some paid tools.

#Keywords Everywhere

This is one cool tool you can use as a browser extension. Basically, you just go to your search bar – you type in a search query. And after search results appear, you’ll see few metrics for the keyword such as a volume – you can  see how many searches per month there are for the chosen search query, cost per click and competition.

#Google Ads keyword tool

This is also free tool, which is awesome. After you’ve searched for something, Google will populate a table in which you’ll be presented with all relevant data for those keywords. You can custom filter all sorts of things and see what keywords would best fit your business. Definitely worth checking out, I highly recommend it.


Ahrefs is another really great tool. You can use it for different things but you can also use it for the keywords explorer. It gives you really in-depth analysis on your keword terms. Unfortunately, Ahrefs isn’t a free tool but it’s definitely worth the cost with all of its features. After you’ve inputerd your keyword term, it generates in-depth results for the chosen term and data for them. And it also brings top ten SERP positions for that term. It’s really great because you can see which sites are better ranking with those terms, and can analyze them and get in-depth data and figure out how you can improve ranking of your particular keyword.

CoinFractal - The Latest Crypto Market News & Insights


This is the last tool ( but not least )  I am going to briefly explain in this article. It’s a free tool, and really easy to use, and it gives you a lot of really good information. When you search for any keyword terms it will provide with analytics and data for them. Also, you can see keyword ideas and it comes up with unique information.

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CoinFractal - The Latest Crypto Market News & Insights

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