Best Email Marketing Plugins for Wordpress in 2019

Digitalization is at its peak and that means that you will have to be more alert regarding which practices will best suit your brand and take it to further success.

Popular Email Marketing Plugins for Wordpress You Need to Check

Apart from the core marketing techniques that the digital world needs, such as content marketing, social media marketing and seo, there are other emerging marketing techniques which are rapidly gaining prominence.

Some of these new digital marketing arenas are video marketing, influencer marketing, and some more. But the most important out of all these is email marketing. Email marketing is a process through which you send personalized emails to your existing customers to increase your website traffic and boost your sales.

Sometimes email marketing is used as the primary weapon to build online reputation of a particular brand. So let us see what are some of the email marketing plugins for wordpress which are very useful in 2019.

But before that let us see what email marketing does to WordPress:

Wordpress is an open website portal where millions of users log in and sign up every day. Not only it is one of the most famous platforms for blogs but it is mostly accessible too, this had led some of the users in WordPress to integrate email marketing campaign in it so that they can have the maximum lead out of their online traffic there, and also from the existing customers.

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With these email marketing plugins, sending emails to the mass targeted audiences become very easy. Not only that, you can track which user has responded to your emails and which are not. Managing data with all these email plugins are easier because it not only simplifies your email marketing operation but also slows you to measure the range of success. Hence, these are some of the plugins you need to have a look on:

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp has left its mark on the email marketing world with its outstanding performance in case of customer services. With its popularity reaching a new height, it started giving out plugins for WordPress to optimize the email marketing campaign that goes on in WordPress.

The main features of Mail Chimp is that is user-friendly and mobile-optimized which lets you to sign up forms via mobile phones too, if you are not available on desktop or laptop. The add-ons are features which even enhance its performance and not only that, it is well organized and is easy to use for a developer.


Email marketing campaign becomes more easy with OptinMonster because of its extraordinary features. The designs are retina ready where it becomes easy for the admin to navigate through the many features, especially the drag and drop feature is very user-friendly, and it also runs pretty well on mobile phones.

OptinMonster is also one of the most powerful plugin which makes email marketing campaign even more segmented and targeted search engine, this feature also helps in putting the available customer data in good use. It easily integrates itself with other websites and ecommerce platforms as well.

Sumo List Builder

Sumo List Builder is not just massive my its name, it is also massive in its performance. If you are looking forward to grow your email listing then there is no other good email marketing plugin other than this one.

Not only that, this plugin is enhanced enough to integrate itself into other plugins such as Mail Chimp, OptinMaster and many more. Hence it is one of the easiest tool to use on Wordpress. There are thousands of pre-designed templates you can choose from, it is a dedicated software which gives full customer support and VIP, and it also contains the most powerful tools which can lead to more user engagement.

Mail Poet Newsletter

This is the newer version of Mail Poet, which allows you to send unlimited emails to photo 2000 subscribers per day. It is flexible to use and can configured easily for maximum results. The surprise does not end here, it also allows you to switch to its premium version once you reach 2000 subscriber.

It is a must-have tool for email marketing campaign because of the beautiful features that this version carries and they are well designed and responsive templates, solid backup you can trust upon. It also has an automated welcome reply sending option which elevates customer experience and hence makes it one of the most popular plugins.

Email marketing plugins are a must if you want to survive the market battle in Wordpress, and possible rule over it.

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