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Clan N: Modern Beat-Em-Up Brawler With An Old-School Feel

Multi Platform arcade beat-em-up brawler, Clan N brings a nostalgic, old-school 8-bit feel to modern day gaming. The title offers an old school gaming experience, paired with the modern mechanics of the brawler genre. 

Independent game house Creamative‘s retro-styled pixelated brawler Clan N became available for mobile play on the 9th of March, 2021. The nostalgically styled beat-up-brawler adds modern mechanics to the visuals. They borrowed sound effects from games of yesteryear.

First released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, Steam, Windows 10 gaming platforms through 2020, the beat-em-up brawler Clan N finally found its way to mobile in 2021. Styled like a classic in the brawler genre, Vendetta, Battle Axe, and the like, the indie title offers some modern twists.

The Plot of Clan N

The game’s storyline is very simple. It also lacks dialogues and cutscenes, which leaves a lot open to interpretation. The opening sequence is brilliantly executed and is the beginning of the mysterious quest.

A mean-looking and obviously evil warlord/sorcerer/tyrannical deity looms over a town that doesn’t seem as though it is deserving of the destruction that is about to be unleashed upon it.

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Out of the ensuing chaos, four heroes (playable characters) show enough valor to fight against the sorcerer/ warlord/ evil being’s forces and defeat the evil that has befallen their once peaceful home. Not much is explained beyond that, as no dialogue, or cutscenes, are employed to round off the storyline. The game, instead, puts a bigger focus on gameplay, not that brawlers need a soapie-styled storyline anyway.

How does Clan N’s gameplay differ from others?

As previously stated, Clan N’s gameplay offers the best of pixelated brawler classics, along with modern game mechanics, giving newcomers of the genre simpler access to the fun. For one, the game employs a wider angle on the action, as well as an added isometric view.

In addition to wider angled gameplay. which softens the gore element associated with titles of this genre of games Creamative has done away with the virtual joystick used in most mobile games and went for a more natural (as far as touch screens are concerned) control system.

The wider angled 2D and isometric views allow for more freedom of movement. The game doesn’t confine players to a set path to travel, allowing for more exploration, and the ability to fall back to a safer zone when dominated by enemies.

All movement and action can be controlled by a single thumb. Holding, tapping, or swiping one’s thumb across the screen will prompt characters to run, throw objects, or attack in a given direction. You can even set the system to support Left, or Right handed play.

The other thumb isn’t left completely out of the action. Employing a supporting thumb will allow for more complex movement; jumping attacks, leaping, and rolling away from danger, etc. Those who are used to button-mashing may have an awkward time with the controls at first, however. They seem quite intuitive once one is accustomed to them though.

One can play solo, or connect with friends through a local (when said friends are in your living room) connection, or with players from across the world as the game supports online play. Co-op mode is part of the reason why beat-em-up Brawlers became so popular in the first place.

In Closing

Creamative’s Clan N is a game that takes one back to the golden age of pixelated brawler games. Growing up, we’d spend the better part of our afternoons, and pocket money, crowding around arcade machines at a local store, taking turns with mates, playing Golden Axe, and similar games. Clan N does a decent passing-nod to the genre’s greatest titles while adding new-age elements that augment the experience.

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