Players mad at Victoria 3 for supporting Communism

Are the developers of Victoria 3 biased?

Recently, on Reddit and TikTok one game, in particular, raised a lot of smoke over politics. People have been constantly complaining and several posts went viral. The game in question is Victoria 3.

What kind of game is Victoria 3?

Players assume the undeniably big shoes of being in charge of a nation at the start of the industrial revolution. You will have complete control over the laws and the construction of your nation’s infrastructure beginning in the 1830s, allowing you to build the ultimate industrial utopia in whatever way you like.

The gameplay itself, rather than the game’s scale or technological qualities, is what makes this game a really ambitious masterpiece. The degree to which you can affect things and the options available are simply amazing. It will be extremely difficult to appease all social classes in your country. So, there may be tense situations caused by poor decisions.

Why did Victoria 3 raise so much attention?

Communism has become the most popular regime in Victoria 3. A lot of gamers have taken to the internet to complain. They claim that there aren’t any other ways of playing that are better than communism. Capitalistic playstyles, they suggest, are too inefficient. The bosses at the top of capitalistic societies get high pay while workers get very low pay. However, in a communist economy, worker cooperatives ensure that all capitalist wealth is turned over to the workers. As a result, their high purchasing power allows them to spend more money in the economy which increases economic demand. This then leads to higher living standards which attract more immigration leading to a big boost for your country.

What the Devs had to say?

“It’s no secret that Victoria 3 is in many ways the Historical Materialism Simulator,” explained game designer Mikael Andersson to PC Gamer. “The way you choose to shape and organize your economy influences the conditions of the individuals participating in that economy. They in turn shape the political thought in that country and influence it to develop in certain directions. If you emphasize the profits of your capitalist class by importing cheap raw resources from foreign colonies, your private investments will be strong, letting you balloon your manufacturing industry.”

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“This also empowers the industrialists who want the country’s laws configured in a liberal way to assure those profits and their position in society. But if you focus your economy around domestic manufacture and exports of staple consumer goods in highly productive, technologically advanced factories, your lower classes will thrive, become empowered, and assert their rights to democracy, living wages, and humanitarian policies.”

“We did not plan for these effects to work out in this way, rather, we just implemented the mechanics the way we understood them, and this is the result.”

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