What’s New in Minecraft 1.19?

Why is the Wild update one of the best updates that Minecraft received?

Minecraft is consistently one of the top-rated games. It has been so for the past decade, through various updates introducing new features to keep the game fresh. The latest  “Wild” update introduces many new things to the game. So, here is everything new in Minecraft 1.19

New Structures and Biomes

Minecraft 1.19 introduces two new biomes: the Mangrove Swamp and the Deep Dark. The Mangrove Swamp is a variant of the usual Swamp that only contains the new Mangrove trees. 


The Deep Dark is an underground biome where the different skulk blocks and Warden lie. Inside the Deep Dark is the Ancient City: a new structure containing chests with loot that is unique to the Ancient City. One example of that is the Echo Shard.


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New Items

We can craft the Recovery Compass by combining Echo Shards with a compass. This Recovery Compass points to the user’s last death.

Goats can now drop their horn when they ram into blocks. The goat horn can produce one of the eight sounds goats make when ramming into blocks. 

We can now craft a boat with a chest on it. Although only one passenger can fit, this new boat is useful for moving lots of items early game.

New Blocks

With the addition of a new wood block: the Mangrove, comes all the wooden items such as boats, doors, and trapdoors. Something unique about the Mangrove tree is the roots beneath its trunk- which can be broken and picked up. These root blocks also have a “muddy” version of them. Speaking of muddy, there are now mud blocks. Players can combine these mud blocks with wheat to craft packed mud. Those packed mud blocks can then create mud brick blocks. We can easily obtain mud by using water bottles on dirt blocks.

In the new Deep Dark biome are the skulk, the skulk catalyst, and the skulk shrieker. The skulk block is the ground block in the Deep Dark. The skulk catalyst spreads skulk whenever a mob dies near it. The skulk shrieker is a block that can sense sound to alert the warden (it also sends a Redstone signal when it detects sound).

Frogs found in the new Mangrove Swamp drop froglight blocks when they attempt to digest a small magma cube.

The Mobs

Found in the Deep Dark, guarding the loot- is the Warden. This scary mini-boss is nearly unbeatable, forcing players to work around the mob instead of fighting it. It can kill players in under three melee shots, even with full netherite. The Warden also utilizes a low damaging shriek as a ranged attack.

Found in the Mangrove Swamp are the frogs that come in different colors depending on their environment. They produce slime balls when they consume small slime cubes and froglight blocks when they consume small magma cubes. Frogs, unlike other animals, grow from tadpoles rather than a baby version of them. To transport the tadpoles, players can capture them in water buckets.

Trapped in Woodland Mansions and Pillager Outposts, the Allay is a flying mob that finds items similar to the one given to it by a player. Players can control where the Allay drops the items using note blocks. This mob will finally allow players to create a system to sort non-stackable items.

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