8 Important Apps Can Benefit to Students for Education

“Teaching in the Internet Age Means We Must Teach Tomorrow’s Skills Today”- Jennifer Fleming

In the last few decades, Technology has created a great influence on the educational system. As a result, mobile application development companies start introducing various education apps for students. It seems like a dream comes true!
Now, children can easily pursue higher education and can achieve their dreams. This affordable and hassle-free facility offers the students with many outstanding opportunities which can lead them in the peak of the career.
According to a study, it has been observed that around 93.4% of high school students have a computer which they use for learning purposes. The smartphone is owned by 84% students which will assist them in preparing lessons.
Around 70.7% and 38.5% of senior respondents own computers and laptops. Among the freshmen respondents, 52.7% and 57.1% own the laptop and computer. Widely, the smartest and convenient mediums are used to share the data these days.
This means this generation student are already concern about their career and owned the smart devices which make the style of education easier than it was before. But, as you know computers are not convenient to carry handy devices like Smartphone offer best services.
With the introduction of educational mobile apps, Smartphone and other handy devices sit conquer the world of the education system and revolutionized it into a completely different one. In this article, we will deal with the importance of educational apps in reshaping the lives of the students. So, here are they.

1. Duolingo

Second language or mother tongue is considered as the most important subject to learn in school. This is because of two reasons; first, it helps you to know about the cultural aspect and importance of that language. Second, it will help you to know the language in a different way by enhancing its reading and writing skills.
Duolingo is the free education app which is best for the school students to learn different second language. Of course, the first one is English and separate English teaching Duolingo is also there which can be downloaded to know this international official language!
This crowd-sourced app can convert any text to your preferences like Italian, Brazilian, German and Spanish. Translation of the language of web pages and other documents on phone is also possible with this app. The language course offered by this app is varied according to class levels.

2. Brainscape

Brainscape is one of the best free educational apps which has been introduced so far! It accelerates the potentiality of the brain along with the usage of Flashcards. The concept repetition pace is managed so perfectly that it will retain the knowledge in the mind at a regular interval.
It can act as the classroom app for students if you have taken its premium version. The premium version is available in varied packages in which you can enjoy the accessibility of sharing premium content, card reversibility, browse modes and bookmark features.

3. Due

You have to pay only a few dollars to install Due on the phone. Though it has not any large number of functions it is excellent to use as a Robust Alarm Clock. It has owned its identity as one of the mobile apps for education sector because of its impeccable facilities.
One can set the reminder alarm and can sit for solving papers in time. Without the internet connectivity, it will alarm you from time to time which will enable you to practice to solve the practice papers on time.
It can be used to create daily learning routines too and the reminder alarm will let you know which subject is to be learned on any specific time.

4. Udacity

It is another free educational app for students which is loaded with a wide range of subjects for online courses. The interesting fact which makes it the best online teaching app is you have to pay a small amount for enjoying the benefits of nano degree service.
In this particular service, you can be helpful with your education system and can deal with the syllabus with the help of the guidance of the professionals and popular coaching centers. You can share your homework with the professional too and take feedback from them.
It will save a lot of time of virtually attending the coaching class. This time can be utilized in solving other complicated problems or preparing other lessons.

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5. The Great Courses

The wide gamut of subjects and features of this app make it a perfect example of an educational App. School and college help you to obtain a degree and completes your education. But, they will not help you in finishing your homework in time. This app is there for such students and helps them in doing their home works.
The interesting feature of this app is that it is loaded with important lectures of different chapters of cooking, music, history, math, business and last not the least Literature. The lectures which are uploaded here are all provided by renowned professors.
You can think this app as a helping hand for your education as you can stream the course and download it multiple times until you understand it clearly.

6. Memrise

Memrise is a great educational app for android free download. Both premium and free version of the app is available. It can be used by both teachers and students to increase the vocabulary by gamification process. The app will help you to drill on definitions, spellings, aural recognition, phrases, and different words. The “PRO” version of the app is for brushing up your language skill and making it par excellent.

7. Ready4 SAT

The educational implication of mobile apps can be well understood by it! It helps you to answer tips in the chunked form which is widely applicable to crack various competitive examinations. It helps in matching the practicing SAT score with the school which will motivate you for practicing more.

8. Cupcake

Not all kids are interested in doing various boring mathematical problems! Cupcake is the best educational app for kids that make the education fun-filled and interesting. This increases the enthusiasm of the kids in doing exciting problems which are best in enhancing their educative skills at the same time.
Nowadays, android app development services are more focused on introducing educational apps for all level students. Many more educational apps are there which help both the teachers and the students.

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