Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games You Can Play in April 2019

Yes, people are busy these days. 

Yes, people are busy these days. But games are equally a part of their busy life. How often do you see people traveling in public transportation playing games to kill time? It is this current generation’s staying busy nature that had really invented this feeling of ‘let’s play something to pass time! Moreover, I have seen a lot of communities growing up from some really cool multiplayer games. They can be often seen as Facebook groups.

Recently a game called Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds created great hype in the gaming world when people all over the world started playing it overnight, before finally calling it off for the day with “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

As we all know, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” –Anonymous

Here are some awesome multiplayer best android apps which are currently ruling the world of virtual gaming in 2019:

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Clash of Clans

Popularly known as COC, this game is the legendary one played by almost the entire youth generation before PUBG came in existence. It is still loved by its die-hard fans because it gives you an equal opportunity to show your gaming capabilities and eventually become the king of your own kingdom.

It gives you an ultimate reigning experience where you grow and secure your own kingdom, do loots and gather resources. You can even attack other people’s town from all around the world. This game allows you to create your own community, you can even play with your online friends and build a clan of your own.

Tank Hero- Laser Wars

This one is a must-play for the action fans. Not only does it contain intense fight opportunity, it also takes you to another world with its amazing responsiveness and cool graphics. It is one of the best android multiplayer games and pretty much gaining prominence with the global players.

The resources are pretty much easy to obtain. All you need is a tank with ample amount of weapons. The weapons are one of the coolest kinds with all those laser guns and all. The sound system with sonic sound is really intense thus setting a proper mood for a virtual battle.

Adventure Quest

Now who is up for an adventure? Yes you do not need equipment’s, you do not need a plan or a map, and you just need your finger controls so that you can go for an adventure without even from the place where you are at.

Such is the thrill of adventure quest. The game is in 3D which makes it even more interesting as you can simply move from one quest to another with your online gamer friends/ one of the best android apps, it gives you the complete feel of raid bosses, dungeons and other different adventure sites. There are online chats available along with PvP so that you can play with other people.


Known as the master of card-dueling games, Hearthstone is not for the faint hearted ones. The game has got some really cool graphics along with abundant and interesting characters. It is one of the best android apps for those who love to play card games.

Hearthstone sets you with a target of creating a deck with cards and then engage in a duel with other online players, although it looks as if it is made for kids by the type of animation but one of the best android multiplayer games known in the market.

Racer vs Cops: Multiplayer Games

Now who doesn’t want to add some rush into their life with an extraordinary and user-friendly racing game it has a unique feature which gives you a choice of whether you want to become a cop or a racer.

Not only that, it also gives you an opportunity to choose from your favorite cars. This game gives a real life experience to those who want to become racers because it teaches you the control that you need in order to keep yourself busy. Beings a racing game it obviously means that you get to play with rider friendly and communicate more them making it one for the huge android multiplayer games of 2019.

So don’t wait anymore and open Google play. All of the games are dying to meet you! Till then, happy gaming!

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