Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Omniverse

Who are the 6 most powerful characters in the Marvel Comics Universe? Bizznerd does a count of Stan Lee's most powerful conceptions. 

As we previously compiled a list of the 6 Most Powerful Characters In The DC Universe, we have seen fit to follow that article up with a comparative list of the 6 most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. This is mostly an endeavor to see how the two rival comic book houses stack up against one another.

Marvel’s comic universe plays host to some ultra-powerful beings, some of whom can – arguably – rival their DC counterparts. We counted the ones that are mostly constant across the different universes.

From Galactus to Gene Grey, to Franklin Richards, the Marvel multiverse is undeniably packed with some powerful characters. However, they pale in comparison to the cosmic beings who exist with the pages of Marvel comics. As a result, the top 6 characters in the Marvel universe are all capable of influencing large-scale events within the Marvel narrative.

6. Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is an entity that has existed since the dawn of time. Said to be forged from the very passion of creation, and a sentient embodiment of the creative & destructive power of the universe, the Phoenix Force holds a great deal of power within it.

This energy-based being has the power to destroy, and recreate, the universe at will. The Phoenix force also possesses the ability to draw energy from stars, or generations of beings who don’t exist yet. This creature can, very literally, reach into the future and sap the life forces of billions of beings who have not been born yet, in order to fuel its attack, in the present.

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The living energy that is the Phoenix Force rarely acts as a single entity. It usually possesses a host, thus augmenting the chosen vessel’s power. Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Emma Frost as well as Professor X have – at some point – played host to the cosmic entity capable of dropping Galactus.

5. Eternity/Infinity

Eternity and Infinity are both beings who have existed since the birth of the Marvel comic world. They are siblings who possess a power that can only be described as pure omnipotence.

They are the living embodiment of time and their abilities are topped by a scant few. When the Universe was split into the Multiverse, a rival entity, Abraxx (the living embodiment of destruction) was created. The only entity who could possibly call their match.

Other entities who possibly fall into their league are siblings, Death, and Oblivion. The twin entities have the ability to manipulate space, time, and reality itself. One would want an ally, that powerful, in their camp in a high-stakes battle.

4. Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is one of the highest level beings in the multiverse. Being a living embodiment of the multiverse as well as the sum of all abstract beings in the Marvel multiverse, Living Tribunal acts as the guardian of all multidimensional realities. Omniscient in his reality-bending abilities, this character has no alternate copy. It exists as a single entity across the various realities of the multiverse.

Able to obliterate entire star systems, and/or erect protective barriers at will, the Living Tribunal keeps watch over the multiple realities of the multiverse. Analyzing a vast amount of information, and maintaining order over it all. The Living Tribunal is powerful enough to nullify the Infinity Gems, and pretty much warp reality as it pleases.

The herald of the most powerful being in the Marvel Multiverse, One-Above-All, Living Tribunal possesses three heads, which must come to a consensus before it acts. Powerful enough to make Thanos break a sweat, the Beyonder beat Living Tribunal in a fight.

3. The Beyonder

Then we have the Beyonder, whose immense power far outstrips that of The One-Above-All’s very own herald. In fact, he has kicked the Living Tribunal, as well as Galactus’s but.

The Beyonder also possesses a reality-bending power, discovered by Dr. Doom – when he stole it. It requires a high degree of concentration, or the power will manifest all that the wielder desires, whether they speak it or not.

This cosmic being first showed his ability in the late 80s, when he destroyed a system to create the arena where he would force all of Earth’s supers to fight each other in the first Secret Wars. The Beyonder’s powers are only second to the One-Above-All.

2. The One-Above-All

The One-Above-All, usually depicted as an obscured being, exuding a lot of light. He is the Marvel universe’s equivalent of God. This being is responsible for all that exists in the Marvel Universe, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.

The One-Above-All has, in the past, resembled Jack Kirby, but these days the all-powerful being seemed to have taken in the appearance of the late Stan Lee.

1. Protege

By right, the One-Above-All should be the most powerful being in the Marvel multiverse, however, there is another who has the potential to outdo the greater of the Marvel comic book world.

Protege is a child-like deity who possesses the ability to mimic any other being’s ability. The Living Tribunal had to absorb the entity to prevent it from causing further destruction after it declared itself the new One-Above-All.

The living embodiment of time, Eternity once declared that when the being matures, it will no longer need to mimic, and will have omnipotence rivaling that of the One-Above-All. The Living Tribunal even once declared that all realities rest upon the shoulders of Protege.

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