6 Comic Book Superheroes With No Powers

Not all costumed heroes from comic lore possess superpowers. There are many ordinary human beings who don superhero suits, with courage, and a strong sense of justice as their main drivers

The word “superhero” is usually associated with a tall, robustly physiqued figure who possesses some type of powers. There are, however, a number of characters in the comic book lore, who have no beams shooting out of their eyes, super strength, or superhuman durability. Just ordinary humans standing up for good, against extraordinary odds.

Black Widow

Black Widow has graced the pages of comic book lore since the 1960s. The female superhero is so proficient with firearms that she has been named one of the Marvel Universe’s top assassins. She’s been known to fight alongside super-powered beings, in defense of the planet.

An agent of SHIELD, as well as the first female Avenger, Black Widow was trained by the Russian government, under a Top Secret training operation known as the Black Widow training program. Her expert use of hand-to-hand combat and weapons has made her one of the most formidable heroes in the Marvel Universe. 


Daredevil doesn’t have superpowers, per se, but relies on heightened hearing, a sense of smell, and other senses, except sight. He lost his ability to see when he encountered a strange serum/toxin that left all his other senses sharp. 

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His inability to see puts him at no disadvantage against villains of all manner.  Superpowered or not, he usually comes out on top when facing off against his foes. 

Green Arrow

First, of the billionaire vigilantes on our list of heroes without powers is Green Lantern, a human being who wields the bow and arrow as though he were an Elven prince on a quest to destroy a ring. The only thing Green Arrow has, in the way of superpowers, is near-unlimited funds, which he uses to equip himself with combat ability augmenting technology. 

Green Lantern

Green Lantern may seem to have superpowers, but his near-limitless abilities are the product of the Green Lantern ring he wears, which is a tool. Without the ring, he is much like Tony Stark outside of the suit. Not a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but an ordinary human being. 

Well, not ordinary-ordinary, but as ordinary as a fighter pilot can get. Extraordinary bravery and willpower could be classified as his only powers.

Bat Girl

Daughter of Gotham City’s commissioner of police, Barbara Gordon or Bat-Girl, just like her caped trainer, Batman, is just an exceptionally trained human being wearing a cape. She does possess a high degree of intelligence, however, which she uses to best her enemies. 

Cassandra Cain

The daughter of David Cain, and Lady Shiva, Cassandra possesses no superpowers. Her abilities are the result of extensive training from her parents, the League of Assassins, and Batman himself. 

Due to her long list of trainers, Cassandra has developed the ability to sense an opponent’s moves before they know what they’ll do next. Making her quite a formidable person to go up against. You may get your larynx ripped out of your throat if you lose against her. Even The Batman has admitted that she could take him out. 

Dick Greyson (Nightwing)

The first of Batman’s recruits and leader of the Teen Titans corps of the Justice League, Dick Greyson grew up being mentored by Batman. With access to state-of-the-art tech and weaponry, along with his acrobatic skills, Nightwing can go against the worst of baddies, with or without backup.

Iron Man

The second entry on our list who could count money as a superpower is billionaire, playboy, philanthropist himself, Tony Stark, or Iron Man – as he is best known. The genius inventor built himself an artificial heart that powered a suit he used to get himself out of a pinch one time. 

He has been perfecting that suit ever since. In the suit, Tony Stark can fly, project beams from his palms, fire miniature missiles, and has super strength.  

Captain America

No, he doesn’t have superpowers. Captain America was injected with a serum that put him at human physical ability. He’s just really fit. If he has any superpowers to speak of, it’s his sense of justice, and ability to lead.  


The Dark Knight makes the first place as the best of our list of superheroes who have no powers, and also as the 3rd billionaire superhero to be mentioned. The Bat is just a highly skilled and intelligent, rich human in a suit. He has, however, gone up against super-powered beings, and even leads a team of heroes with powers. 

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