Who Are The Most Powerful Characters In All of Modern Fiction

We know who the most powerful characters in the Marvel and DC Universes are, so who are the strongest characters in the leading pop-culture mediums, comic books, anime, as well as games.

We have explored the topic of who the most powerful characters in comic books are, with an article discussing the 6 most powerful characters in the DC Universe, as well as the 6 most powerful cosmic characters in the Marvel Omniverse. This time we’d like to dive deeper, and see who the strongest character in all mediums of popular culture is (this covers Anime, comics, and Games.)

Our list is populated with characters spanning various titles, and universes. They may differ in shape, size, power, and medium of presentation. Some are animated, some belong in comic book frames, others exist (so, to speak) as playable video game characters. However, they all possess power enough to alter reality.

10. The Mask

The Mask – a green jade mask of obscure origin. Apparently stolen from a remote tribe by an unnamed explorer during a ritual in honor of the object. Inhabited by a nameless entity that needs a host to do its thing. It has been worn by various individuals and has drawn out a darker side in its hosts.

The mask grants the wearer reality-warping powers that are pretty cartoon-like. The mask enables the wearer the ability to alter their shape, size, and produce weapons from thin air. The Mask’s powers seem to only be limited by the wearer’s imagination.

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The only reason the Mask isn’t number one is that no wearer has ever tested the relic’s limits. Potential-wise, it may have the world-breaking ability. A drawback to the item is that it is incredibly evil.

9. Broly (Dragon Ball Universe)

Broly Dragon Ball

When the topic of the strongest Super Saiyan in the DragonBall universe comes up, Goku – the protagonist of the Dragon Ball narrative – is usually the first on everyone’s list. There is, however, another vegetable-themed member of the extraterrestrial ape race, Broly (a play on Broccoli,) whose power is so great that he may rival the most powerful being yet to be revealed, Beerus.

The Character’s appearance in the DragonBall series has mostly been restricted to movies and OVA’s. Broly’s appearance and origin story have also been reworked since first seeing the light of day, back in 1993.

Broly, in his current iteration, is more mild-mannered, and naive from growing up on a remote planet. He and his father, Paragus, were banished there by Vegeta’s father. Though he is, generally, a gentle giant, the Legendary super sayian is prone to fits of rage – states in which he cannot control his immense power.

He has bested, both Goku, and Vegeta. As well as all most known surviving members of the Saiyan race. It has always taken a concerted effort, and a bit of luck, to defeat him.

8. Asura (Asura’s Wrath)

The lead character in the gaming title, Asura’s Wrath, Asura ‘exists’ in a fictional realm, that is very Dragon-Ball-meets-God-Of-War. Asura is a rage-powered deity who reigns, along with seven other Cyborg-like gods over a Hindu/Buddhist/Sci-Fi-themed world.

As with God of War, Asura’s journey begins with a betrayal by his fellow gods which see him raging through the millennia to enact revenge. The character can draw power from mantra without the aid of a conduit, which other members of the pantheon thought is impossible.

Aided by rage, the fellow goes to fight his way in a duel with the creator of the universe. Whom he dispatches, rip apart the fabric of space and time in the process.

7. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama (One Punch Man)
Saitama (One Punch Man)

Though not a deity, Saitama, better known as One Punch Man, possesses the ability to knock an opponent into the next world with a single punch. He claims to have grown that strong from a strict workout routine.

However, there appears to be more to the character’s strength as he has walked away from blasts that would have disintegrated a regular human being, and withstood shots from powerful extraterrestrial beings. Saitama spends his time frustrated by the fact that all his challengers end up underwhelming him.

As a result, he has never used his full potential. Which suggests that he has near-limitless potential.

6. Kratos (God of War)

Kratos is the main character of the God of War series of games. The ‘Ghost of Sparta’ – following a betrayal at the hands of the Greek god of War – Aries, Kratos kills a deity and takes its place in the pantheon.

In subsequent games, Kratos goes on to take on and defeat the entire pantheon. Even going as far as killing Zeus. He doesn’t stop there, the parents of the gods, the Titans, eventually also get a taste of the new gold of war’s rage.

5. The Hulk

Representing the comic book sphere, Marvel’s green rage beast, The Hulk is so powerful it has taken out literal gods. The Hulk, in its ultimate form, is powerful enough to break worlds.

The product of scientist Bruce Banner’s broken psyche, the Hulk is a Gamma-powered personification of the man’s rage. He has single-handedly taken out all the superheroes on Marvel Earth. The Beyonder has even declared the Hulk’s power potentially limitless.

4. Arceus (Pokemon)

The first legendary Pokemon, Arceus, is said to be the reason any Pokemon exists at all. He possesses an assortment of powers, and can apparently bring forth life in addition to creating whole worlds. That’s legitimately powerful.

3. The Presence

The DC Universe’s version of the Judaic God, The Presence is a powerful being with an obscure plan. The Presence is an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent being. The reason time dawned in the first place – DC time, that is.

The first position ought to be a tie, however, what sets the top 3 most powerful entities in fictional existence, is their weaknesses. The Presence, unlike his counterparts, can be harmed, and even killed (though he returns.)

2. One-Above-All

The One-Above-All is the being behind the Marvel Omniverse. This cosmic entity is the most powerful being in all of Marvel’s creation. Unlike his DC counterpart, he is a benevolent being; as opposed to the helicopter-parenting style observed by the Presence.

What also sets the two entities apart is the fact that, although they are similar beings, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, One-Above-All has no known weaknesses. He is yet to be harmed or murdered, although Thanos did manage to absorb him once.

1. Dr. Manhattan


Not a god, but a man with god-like abilities. Named after the Manhattan project, DC character Dr. Manhattan (Jonathan Osterman) had a run-in with radiation, which killed him. However, he managed to put himself back together as a being of energy, with god-like abilities.

He’s hyper-intelligent, able to control time, manipulate matter at a subatomic level, and have the ability to perceive the past, present, and future, all at the same time. This guy takes the number one spot because he’s unharmable. In fact, he even reversed and altered his timeline to his existence.

We decided to take into consideration all characters across all fiction universes. However, if you think that there are stronger heroes or beings that we excluded from the list – please let us know.

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