Why is Halo Infinite so successful

Is Halo Infinite the best game yet?

Halo Infinite is the mainline’s latest and sixth installment to the Halo franchise. It stood as the 3rd best seller on Amazon’s best-seller list for a while after its release. It’s no surprise that Infinite dominated the charts due to the hugely popular franchise that it belongs to. However, Infinite is actually good. It does many things better than the previous games, such as the completely new map style. 

Halo Infinite open-world style 

Halo surprised everyone by turning the normal maps into an open world in the single-player campaign. This gives the game a much fresher feel and allows the players to experience the game more personally as we have more freedom in battle. Although the game changed the map style, it doesn’t change much of the gameplay (when it does, it is enhancing). 

This new map style allows for a wider range of combat and utilities by allowing the player to explore the map at their own pace. One of those new utilities is the Grappleshot. It allows the players to grapple into places and also pull weapons and other items. It sounds very simple and dull, but the possibilities are endless and this new ability can help create the most satisfying combos.

Although the map in Halo infinite is more open-world, that doesn’t mean the player can just go wherever, whenever they want. Most of the map is locked when you first start and you have to complete missions to unlock other parts. This creates a seamless transition between freedom and the storyline, giving the player the feeling that they are making the story. 

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Challenging bosses 

The bosses in this game do not hold back. All the bosses are challenging in their own way with an intelligent AI that doesn’t allow you to rest. They each also have a unique ability that you will have to learn to counter and fight against. For example, there is Bassus, a Banished Brute with the Gravity Hammer. This battle is especially difficult since he tries to rush the player with his melee moves. Using different utilities and making a game plan to keep the distance is very crucial in defeating Bassus. 

Boss fights in Halo Infinite are definitely the most awe-inspiring parts. The amount of detail put into every fight is insane. Plus the player can fight each boss with different difficulties depending on their skill level: therefore creating lots of possible approaches to defeat them.

Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay

Halo Infinite has many different game modes with varying player numbers allowed. For example, you can play the modes Capture The Flag and Slayer with a team of 4 or a team of 12. Most of the modes are basic and old but they’ve been remade more dramatic and exciting. 

The genius map designs also play a big part in the fun of multiplayer. It seems as if each part of the map was carefully thought out for specific purposes. The specific design is crucial to the new Grappleshot as older map styles would not have been very compatible with the new ability. However more fun multiplayer is now, it is much more intricate and chaotic as there is more to learn in this game than in the previous ones. 

Closing thoughts

Halo Infinite definitely nailed many aspects of this game such as the boss fights, the Grappleshot, and the map style. The game doesn’t waste time with other playable characters as well, making the game feel more personal. Overall, Halo infinite’s drastic changes from previous games paid off pretty well as they gave a very fresh feel to the game. 

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