Unruly Heroes: A Platform Brawler Inspired By Chinese Folklore

Platform adventure brawler, Unruly Heroes, delivers a lighthearted retelling of ancient Chinese Folklore. Enabling players to control any of the  4 playable heroes, in an aesthetically well-presented, hand-drawn world

Unruly Heroes, by Magic Design Studios, draws inspiration from classic Chinese folklore tale, Journey To The West (which also inspired The DragonBall anime series, among others.) The multiplatform title, with a very Rayman Legends-Esque in look and feel, offers a thoroughly engaging adventure. Playing out in an aesthetically well-done world.

Characters of Unruly Heroes

Taking control of any of the four characters, Sanzang the Sleeping Monkey, Monkey King, Wukong, Kihong the Greedy Pig, and SandMonk, who is a Sensitive brute, the player must embark on an enjoyable quest to retrieve the pieces of a Sacred Scroll, which keeps the world in balance. As one can imagine, things aren’t as easy as they first seem, as the forces that have ripped the scroll up and have consequently unleashed the evils of the night and day.

One can instantly switch between the members of the venturing party of four at any time during gameplay, to access their unique skills and abilities to solve certain problems or overcome particular enemies. The heroes face off against an assortment of fantastical enemies in this game, all set in a beautiful, hand-drawn world.


Wukong the Monkey King, for instance, is able to deal lightning-quick, ranged blows with his staff. His staff also comes equipped with an extension feature, which enables him to bridge wide gaps, allowing team members to get across.

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Sleeping Monkey, Sanzang on the other hand has the power to possess enemies and make them do his bidding, while Sand Monk, being a brute, is strong enough to punch through quite a bit. Kihong has the power to balloon and float up vertical areas.

In terms of difficulty, many might find the game to be seated perfectly on the right side of enjoyable. Challenging enough, but not to the point of tormenting the player. In both, a casual Easy Mode, as well as in the higher difficulty. The game is so lenient, that if one repeatedly fails a level, they are given an option to skip said level and move on to the next.

The level-by-level puzzle-solving, defeating of enemies, and overcoming of obstacles doesn’t become redundant, as the game challenges the senses. From the soundtrack in action sequences – as well as overall gameplay. Enemies also have such well-designed personalities and attacks that one doesn’t ever get at being bored.

What to Expect from Unruly Heroes?

One can expect to be thoroughly entertained while playing this game. The team behind this tile has previously contributed to the creation of Rayman Legends, and the inspiration shines through in the game’s presentation. With incredible visuals and gameplay that is the right amount of challenging and engaging, this game has anything you’d ever want.

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