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The Witcher 3 is getting a Next-Gen Update

Mods, graphic enhancements, and content drawn from Netflix's own "Witcher" series will all be included in the update.

In 2015, Witcher 3 won the Game of the Year award. Its new next-gen upgrade for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC has arrived seven years later to eat up all of its competition and your free time!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt marked a remarkable expansion of CD Projekt Red’s tale. The game is on a genuinely gigantic scale, but it nevertheless pays attention to even the smallest of details. Story, mechanics, art, music, action, and lore all appear to blend together into one stunning whole in this game, which sees its hero, Geralt of Rivia, completely shift from the sword-swinging Mr. Loverman of the first game into a mature, contemplative hero. It establishes a new standard for the genre as the best fantasy role-playing game of its kind since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök are just two of the incredibly high-caliber games that have been released in the past 12 months. Yet, The Witcher 3 in its finished form competes head-to-head with the top games of 2022. The Witcher 3 has aged elegantly, and this updated edition just confirms that.

Update notes

Developer CD Projekt Red has released patch notes for The Witcher 3’s next-generation update, confirming some of the aesthetic improvements and changes made to the title.

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These next-gen patch notes, which have gone live on the 14th of December for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms, outline many of the changes. However, notes for last-gen versions won’t be available for some time.

Changes made to Witcher 3 next-gen update

There are many visual improvements to explore. Ray tracing, 4K upscaling, and a number of mods intended to “enhance visuals and overall game quality” are all included in the update. You can check the list of mods below:

  • The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by HalkHogan
  • HD Monsters Reworked by Denroth
  • Immersive Real-time Cutscenes by teiji25
  • Nitpicker’s Patch by chuckcash
  • World Map Fixes by Terg500

Along with these mods, they have also added Full Combat Rebalance 3 by Flash_in_the_flesh. However, they have changed the mod from its original form.

New and shiny things that you can wear in the Witcher next-gen update!

In terms of fresh material, CD Projekt Red has revealed a brand-new side quest called In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow. It is currently available in Velen and will reward players with items from the Netflix-exclusive Witcher series.

The Dandelion and the infamous Nilfgaardian armor sets, which were also influenced by Netflix’s The Witcher, now have alternate appearances thanks to the patch.

Along with these interesting additions, players also received multiple items that will improve their gameplay. They may be a bit boring but some of these will save your life eventually! The changes include rapid sign-casting, a better map filter, and more forgiving fall damage. The patch also resolves a number of problems that made it impossible to complete a few tasks.

Although the full patch notes provide a more thorough breakdown of the update, CD Projekt Red stated that the modifications described are “only the highlights,” which implies that there are additional adjustments that have not yet been made.


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