Genshin Impact Mobile: The Good and The Bad

For Chinese video game developer miHOYO Com Ltd, Genshin Impact is the title that rocketed the company to its current status as a heavyweight in the mobile games market. This is because it is genuinely a great title. That said, here’s why Genshin Impact is an awesome game and a few points that could use a little extra attention.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is one of the most well-received RPG (Role Playing Game) titles in recent times. The free-to-play game managed to rake in just under $250 million in the first month of its official launch on mobile platforms and maintained that fan-fueled momentum all through this year.

More specifically, Genshin Impact Mobile leaped ahead of the competition – PUBG & Honor of Kings –  to snatch the highest-grossing mobile game (though it is available on PC,  PS4, and PS5) in September. Exactly 12 months following its official release. This is an indication of just how much gamers have grown to love this title.

There are a number of aspects that make Genshin Impact an appealing and engrossing game. From its distinct anime-derived look to its captivating storytelling and interesting characters, plus the vast and ever-expanding world for players to explore, there’s always something to keep players engaged. Even with the gacha mechanics that are synonymous with free-to-play titles.

Here’s what makes Genshin Impact Mobile a great game 

Apart from being able to play on the move, there are a number of things that make the mobile incarnation of Genshin Impact an awesome game to play. In fact, in some instances, it’s better than the game on other platforms – namely PS4. Without further ado, here are some of the things that make Genshin Impact Mobile a great game.

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Accessing the saved game across different platforms

This is a point where playing Genshin Impact on your mobile device comes with more perks than playing on PS4. Unfortunately for PS4 players, continuing a saved game on a different device like your PC or phone is impossible since a player’s game progress is linked to their PlayStation Network account. That severely limits one’s flexibility.

However, Genshin Impact players who use either mobile or PC as their main gaming platform have their game progress tied to their miHOYO accounts. For them, getting to their saved game progress is as easy as logging in.

IOS Controller Support

Being able to play your favorite games while on a plane or on a lunch break is always a win. This is one of the biggest selling points of mobile gaming. However, there are some drawbacks to it. The touch controls on the screen can be difficult for many players to master.

To tackle this issue, miHOYO added controller support for players who use IOS devices. However, the developer is yet to release an equivalent for Android device users.

Materials & Commissions are easier to acquire on mobile

As with most – if not all – games that co-habit this genre with Genshin Impact, unlocking in-game rewards is time-consuming work, such much so, that some Genshin Impact accounts are worth thousands! Genshin Impact requires players to complete numerous quests and daily commissions. Being able to do this wherever you are is a major bonus for the mobile version of the game.

So, What Might Need a Little Improvement in Genshin Impact Mobile?

As with most good games, there are some points here and there that might not fit in well, or simply annoy players and Genshin Impact is by no means immune to this reality.

The lack of controller support for Android

This is a major factor, one would think that the developers would consider dishing out something like this to both platforms shortly apart from one another if a simultaneous release was impossible. This is particularly frustrating for players whose phones have smaller screens.

Level-gated Quests

One should note that their quest log will be awash with quest lines that they can’t access due to the low character levels. Solving this seems as easy as leveling upright? However, it’s not that simple when you have to pay attention to leveling up a four-character party to relatively similar levels in order to maintain a balanced team.

Closing thoughts 

Genshin Impact is a thoroughly enjoyable title, even for players who aren’t necessarily fans of the RPG genre. The unique art style and vast fully explorable world are always a joy to experience on your mobile, even with the minor aforementioned issues.

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