Dragon Raja: A Game On A Mission To Take MMORPG’s To New Heights

Set in a modern fantasy world, this free-to-play MMORPG has the most awe inspiring visuals in the mobile gaming space

As mobile gaming tech has advanced, smartphones and tablets have become an area of focus for game developers. Key segments like MMORPGs have sprung up and continue to flourish.  Now Dragon Raja has come to take this genre to new heights.

Published by Archosaur Games, Dragon Raja debuted in its native China in July 2019. Expected to go global in February next year. The game is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) adapted from and named after a Korean best-selling Novel.

Graphics of Dragon Raja

Set in a modern fantasy world, this free-to-play MMORPG has the most awe-inspiring visuals in the mobile gaming space. Many thanks to the games development team for how they made use of the Unreal Engine-4. From the realism of the physics to the weather effects of Dragon Raja’s open-world environment, it all looks and feels very alive and natural, fueling one’s desire to explore.

From the very beginning, you get a sense of sheer attention to detail that went into the production of Dragon Raja. There are a host of interactive items as you get acquainted with the lead protagonist’s sleeping quarters such as, viewing a photo album or putting your guitar skills to the test before getting on with the task at hand.

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The Plot

As mentioned before, the game is based on a novel that sold a lot of copies worldwide and that’s a great starting point. However, when it comes to adaptations, especially the book-to-film/video game sort, there are always a number of doubtful expectations.

That said, Dragon Raja’s plot might not be the best written and it is not void of clichés. However, a fair comparison to its competitors in the MMORPG segment puts Dragon Raja ahead of a lot of them.

The story is centered around the adventures of an orphan with the special gift of Dragon genes. More specifically, the task is to save the world from an evil association that is out to rule the world by releasing the Dragon Lord. If you can wade through the clichés, then the more pleasant side of Dragon Raja will prove quite rewarding.

The fun bits of Dragon Raja

There are a number of aspects, besides the stunning visuals, that make Dragon Raja an enjoyable experience. In this future fantasy world, you could almost get lost exploring real-world locations like Tokyo and Siberia.

Naturally, this happens after you’ve chosen your character class – each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. From there, you can further customize them to your taste via a wide range of costumes and outfits that are available to choose from. Not to mention a host of other activities that one can take part in like daily quizzes, recruiting crew members, building your house, or even getting married.

The combat aspect of the game is not bad either. Once again, it is not the best you might encounter right now,  but the combos and skills are flashy and varied enough to satisfy the desire for action. If fighting in a campaign doesn’t do it for you, the game also has a cross-server PCP option for you.

What could’ve been done better?

The first thing we ought to get out of the way is the fact that this is an open-world game with exceptionally crisp visual effects, therefore it is only natural that we would demand a lot from our devices in the way of storage space and hardware requirements.

Subsequently, the downside of having steep requirements means that we can’t really complain about the possibility of this particular aspect having been done any better.

That said, progressing through the game can feel rather linear at times. Another potential issue for some could be the game’s auto-play function, thankfully you have the option to turn it off in the settings – though not entirely.


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