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Way of the Hunter Review

Way of the Hunter was released as a simulation game and in this article we are going to review it.

Way of The Hunter is a different work and the closest experience to a real hunt, proving once again that the world of video games desperately needs such creativity. Stay with bizznerd by reviewing Way of The Hunter.

First of all, you have to answer one question. Do you like to face a title that may leave you in a corner of the battle for hours to wait for your prey or not? This game will make you walk in the forest, hide in the darkness for days, hoping to reach your goal. However, even the slightest noise will ruin all your efforts.

Way of The Hunter game review

The first thing I want to mention is that Way of The Hunter may be a video game that puts you in nature, but it proves otherwise. Way of The Hunter makes it clear from the start that the creators aim for more than just a fun video game experience. In simpler words, this game can be recommended to those who want to experience a real and exciting hunt.

The story of the game begins when your grandfather is unable to manage his business due to old age and illness. In the role of the main character of the game, you decide to take over the management of the grandfather’s farm (hunting) and keep his business alive. This farm is located in the heart of nature and is surrounded by vast lands and wildlife. Now, you have to learn the basic principles of hunting step by step, then go to the heart of the mountains and forests and hunt the animals you want.

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The game does not teach you the basic principles of hunting as well as it should, which is a negative point. During the gameplay, the game will point out some things, but in the end, it is you who have to learn how to hunt. This may seem confusing, especially for those who are entering such game for the first time

The way of the hunter

Game World

The game has a huge world that you can explore freely. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to walk the whole way. Whenever you want, you can ride a personal jeep and hit the heart of the mountains. You can stop at any point along the way. For example, I was driving my jeep when I suddenly saw several deer within a hundred meters of me. I quickly stopped and prepared myself for an exciting deer hunt. But sometimes not all hunting is so easy.

In many game missions, you have to track animals or hunt them in a certain way. Sometimes you even have to wait for hours in the heart of nature for the hunt you want to appear. You may encounter your prey many times, but one small mistake can cause your prey to disappear from your eyes in a fraction of a second. Based on this, it can be said that hunting in the game is a bit difficult and long and requires a lot of patience. In other words, your only shot from the weapon should be your first and last shot to kill the target. But finally, after finishing the hunt, you will be happy.

Hunter Senses Way Of The Hunter

Hunter Sense

Another game mechanic is the Hunter Sense mechanic. The operation of this mechanism is such that by activating it, you can analyze the sounds of animals. Analyzing the sounds will help you to find out where your target hunt is located. Hunter Sense can also recognize animal tracks. You can track the animals and find their grazing or resting place. In general, Hunter Sense is a wonderful mechanic and innovation in this game, and it helps you identify, track and hunt animals; Especially if you upgrade it.

There are many things to be aware of when hunting. From the type of gun, and the type of caliber to your distance from the hunt and natural factors. This subject requires a little patience and relatively high skill. After you hunt the animal you want, you can sell its remains or taxidermy it. But the more interesting thing is that after hunting, you can see which part of the animal’s body your bullet hit.

For example, while hunting an otter, I shot him twice to kill him. Thanks to the x-ray capability, I realized that my first bullet only hit him in the leg and caused him to run away. But the second bullet hit him right in the heart and killed him. So you have to focus your senses to have a successful hunt. The difficulty of the game is the thing that gives more depth to the gameplay and makes the experience closer to reality.

The Way of The Hunter

Unique game sound

Of course, the unexpected sound of the Way of The Hunter game should not be ignored either. We are facing a world where instead of the sound of machines and industrial constructions, only the sound of animals, rustling leaves, flowing water in the river, and generally the sound of nature can be heard. Such pristine nature is the dream that this game brings to you. These items give life to the game world and in fact, the creators did their best to let you step into real and fully dynamic wildlife.

Beautiful nature becomes more enjoyable regardless of how skilled the hunter is. The game world of Way of The Hunter is designed with relatively good details. Thanks to the wonderful lighting of the game, we are facing a quality title on PlayStation 5 that can satisfy the audience. The creators have created wildlife and all game animals with special obsessions and fine details.

Final word

Way of The Hunter is the best title for those who want to be a little away from the real world and experience a real and enjoyable hunt. Some technical problems and game bugs sometimes make the game experience annoying. However, the beautiful nature, diverse wildlife, entertaining gameplay, and good visual quality of the game make you ignore the few problems of the game. It is possible to experience it as a co-op with friends who are into this style. Those who are new to hunting-style games may not enjoy this game due to its slow speed and high level of difficulty.

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