The Witcher 3 Re-Review

Witcher turns 5. this year, and it was time to re-review the game again to see how it holds up.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt is considered to be one of the best RPG’s of all time and its not hard to see why. Five years later after the initial release, the Witcher 3 still holds up as one of the most unique, gorgeous RPG’s of all time.


Talking about unique, the way in-game items are tackled is amazing. The attention to detail and with the possibility of endless tweaks for variety of items, makes this game one of the more replayable RPG’s out there.


All in all The Witcher 3 is still one of the most innovative role playing game ever made. So, we’ve compiled all cinematic trailers in one place for you, and also added Witcher 2. in the mix. Enjoy!


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Best RPG ever

Graphics - 9
Gameplay - 9.4
Functionality - 9.2
Controls - 8.6
Experience - 9.4


Amazing game.

There’s so much stuff here, we might have to re-re-review this game in five years again.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt
User Rating: 3.4 ( 1 votes)

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