Review of Skyrim Anniversary Edition

This time, the 10th anniversary of the release of Skyrim is an excuse for Bethesda to release another version of it.

Skyrim is one of the most famous and successful open-world role-playing games in history.  The game was released in 2011 and provided an enjoyable experience. That is why it was able to get great scores and shine in different awards. What does the new Skyrim Anniversary Edition have to offer?

Over the years, Bethesda has released new versions of Skyrim under different false reasons; From the noted version, which included addition parcels and the unique, noted ready, without fear, to the Special version, which came with visual things giving greater value to, and even a virtual reality version. This time,  because of the Tenth anniversary of its release, the company has released another version of Skyrim called the Anniversary. Keep on reading to see if it is worth the money:

Skyrim tells the story of a character whose race is selectable. A great fire-breathing, winged animal of fiction appears suddenly. It disrupts everything to provide you with an escape. After the first few minutes of the gameplay, you will slowly benefit the freedom to explore the very great World of the game. That includes special work on any missions that you like or by going to different areas and characters.skyrim-city

Graphics in Skyrim

Bethesda has introduced the Skyrim Anniversary Edition as the most improved version to date; A claim that subconsciously conveys the feeling that one can expect graphical and visual improvements. However, if you have experienced the Special Edition, you will not notice much noticeable improvement in the visual aspects of this Edition. As a matter of fact, the greatest improvement in the game is not in the graphics, but rather in the technical aspect; the loading is faster than ever and the whole game runs very smoothly.

Of course, despite the lack of graphic improvements in this version, and weaknesses in the overall texture and design, we should not ignore the fact that Skyrim is still graphically pleasing. Navigating the huge world and going to areas that each have a unique atmosphere can still satisfy the audience artistically. Combining this feature with the game’s first-class music, it is safe to say that the original version can be touched and felt.

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Anniversary version

The absence of improvements in the remastered version has made the most important factor influencing the purchase value of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. We want to know whether this version has valuable content that old fans would want to experience or not. To answer this question, let’s first look at what the anniversary version includes. In the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, we see the original game and large Skyrim expansion packs. Bethesda has also included 74 items that will be downloaded at the start of the game. That includes missions, equipment, and new activities.

To experience the anniversary version, if you do not have any version of Skyrim at all, you have to purchase it for $50. However, if you have the Special version of the game, the cost to upgrade to this version will be $20; The difference is that Game Pass subscribers also have a 10% discount, and of course, the Creations Club section, including fishing, survival mode. Two missions are also available for free for the special edition.


Pricing policy

When we put the contents of the anniversary version of the game alongside its pricing policy, the fact is that the purchase value of the game will vary depending on the background you have in the experience of previous versions of Skyrim. If you are one of those players who has played the Special Edition with the add-on packs, the Anniversary Edition will honestly not have much special content to offer you. The fishing feature in this new version has very few options. Even the mission has content that will not enrich your experience.

The survival mode is a bit more attractive. However, it won’t encourage you to go through the long process of restarting the game. Other contents added from the Creations Club section have exactly the same conditions and are not valuable enough for the old audience.

However, if you have never played Skyrim or have only played the original version, things will be a bit different for you. In this case, the anniversary version of the game is the most complete and best Skyrim released to date. For example, if you have played the original version, the large increase packs are valuable enough to enter this land again. General improvements in bug fixes and visuals, thanks to the Special Edition, mixed with technical improvements like faster loading, make the game even more enjoyable.


Fantastic story

For those who have not played Skyrim before for any reason, it’s really worth the experience. There is nothing like a dragon battle that takes place in a fantasy world and is accompanied by an epic story. However, the true gem is the many characters with their personal stories.

The game allows you to immerse yourself for a very long time. In terms of gameplay, it is also true that the game mechanics have become a bit outdated over time. This isn’t a reason to not play it, as there are many great aspects to it.

The character upgrade system leaves you completely free to create a character that is unique. The system for building items and the need for the player to find different plants and stones for blacksmithing, as well as all the other details that it adds, make it a versatile experience. The appeal to beginners will be much greater. As well to players who haven’t returned to it in a long time.

Summary of the Skyrim anniversary edition

We must first keep in mind that Skyrim is still one of the most successful games in its genre. There is no doubt about that. However, it is clear that the goal of releasing the anniversary version of the game is to earn more money. The reason for this claim is that the content of the anniversary version of the game is useless to those who have played the Special Edition. It’s not even worth the $20 payout. It might have been better for Bethesda to offer fans an upgrade from the Special version for free.

On the other hand, if you haven’t played Skyrim so far, the anniversary edition is definitely the best choice. We hope you enjoy yourself in this huge fantasy world.

Skyrim is still one of the most of great value open-world role-playing playing games. It is still living in the fantasy World made by Bethesda, even 10 years after its release. The anniversary edition offers grate features. But we should take into consideration that Bethesda has released multiple versions of the game. Wthout fear, we conclude that it is an attempt to make more money.

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