Dune: Awakening – a new MMO videogame

Following the announcement of a new Dune game at Gamescom 2022, here are some details:

Dune enthusiasts were excited to see the dazzling teaser for Dune: Awakening during this year’s Gamescom Opening Night Live.

The new Dune game, which should not be confused with Dune: Spice Wars, doesn’t have many specifics just yet. Everything we know about it has been compiled, including the video, a list of compatible platforms, and a probable plot/gameplay angle.

Let’s talk about platforms

The platforms for Dune: Awakening are PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. It makes sense that this game would only be available on current-generation consoles given its immense scale because last-generation systems could find it difficult to handle its aesthetics and size.

The release date for Dune: Awakening

There is absolutely no release date for Dune: Awakening. Since this was the game’s initial announcement, we can be certain that Funcom will keep us informed as to when it will be released. But we can unquestionably include it on our list of future PS5 games and Xbox Series X titles.

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What will Dune: Awakening MMO gameplay be like?

Although we don’t know much about Dune: Awakening’s gameplay, the Dune Steam page, and the developer’s prior work serve to provide some context. Funcom is responsible for creating and releasing Dune: Awakening. They are the creators of a well-known survival game Conan Exiles. It puts you in charge of survival in a hypothetical primordial era. A character that you design swears loyalty to one of seven different religions.

By using the available natural resources and avoiding harmful animals, you must control the game’s hunger and thirst gauges. To speed up your crafting, you can acquire thralls, and you can also benefit from a wide range of other advantages, even including pets in one update!

Dune specifics

Now, the idea of controlling thirst and hunger on Arrakis for Dune is horrifying. After all, in order to survive, the Fremen must wear stillsuits, unique full-body suits that collect all physiological fluids and filter the contaminants out to make them consumable. It’s possible that you’ll be able to improve your stillsuit to hold more water. We can learn certain things from the Dune: Awakening Steam page:

  • “Build shelters against sandstorms, maintain your stillsuit, and master the old ways to walk even the deepest deserts. Avoid or be devoured by the colossal sandworms that dwell beneath the sands.”
  • “Hunt for spice blooms and deploy your harvester, then protect it from opportunistic raiders and rival factions”
  • “Tailor every aspect of your character. Consume spice to conquer your senses and acquire powerful abilities. Hone your craft to become sought out for the finest creations. Construct your fortress in the style of your choosing”
  • “Head into unmapped sectors and be the first to discover secrets and riches before the Coriolis storms once again shift the sands and alter the landscape.”

Being an open-world MMO, Arrakis appears to continually move and evolve before your eyes in Dune: Awakening. Players will probably make up the adversarial factions rather than NPCs. This offers a wealth of information as well as the prospect of an intense Dune experience.

Closing thoughts

A lot of players have voiced their concern about this being an MMO game. The vast and interesting world of Dune arguably deserves a well-done single-player role-playing video game. However, it is way too early to judge. So far, everything in Awakening feels and looks amazing.

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