Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 – Here’s what we know

EA has been hinting at Star Wars: Fallen Order 2 ever since the release of the first game. They have been teasing fans for well over a year (to annoy or create hype; we aren’t sure). Either way, Fallen Order 2 is a very anticipated game and the suspicion is that it will be released in the autumn of 2022. Although EA hasn’t confirmed anything about a sequel it’s quite obvious that there will be a sequel due to the popularity of the first game.

What can we expect from Star Wars: Fallen Order 2? 

Although EA hasn’t necessarily confirmed nor denied a second game, they have said that they will “continue to invest in the Jedi: Fallen Order Franchise”. Take this with a pinch of salt. It’s safe to assume that there will indeed be a second (or even more) game(s). The way they worded this can be interpreted to mean that they will in fact continue to add more games after Fallen Order 2. It is also very likely that there will be a continuation to the story since at the end of the first game it asked “what’s next?”. If that isn’t a major hint to a second game, we don’t know what is.

Even after how well the first game did and how much people want another game, it seems like the second game will take a while to release. Although the timing is all speculation and hopefulness, we are almost 100% sure that it will happen in the near future. A developer from Respawn Entertainment has teased that they are working on Fallen Order 2. According to many other job listings and confirmations from others, we are sure EA will give fans a second game and will provide teasers/trailers before that. 

Newest updates

EA has released an optimization update for Fallen Order in January of 2021. Some of the overall optimizations are as follows: Increased frame rate, improved dynamic resolution, and improved post-processing resolution. They have also released an announcement of the next-gen upgrade to Fallen Order since then. All this gives fans more hope for a second installment of the Fallen Order game. EA has been consistently making changes to the game to keep fans interested, possibly in hopes to keep Fallen Order relevant up until the release of the second game.

Rumored plot progression in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2

Seeing how captivated fans are by Cal’s story- it’s safe to assume we will get to see even better character progression and story. Since Fallen Order ends with Cere and Cal realizing that neither of them could rebuild the Jedi Order, destroying the Holocron which contains critical information on children who are Force-sensitive. This seems like a perfect set-up for a sequel as it isn’t a concluding finale with a bowtie.

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The ending of the first game seems like it is more of an alley-oop for a really impactful finish in later games rather than a blunt and rushed finale. This ending creates many possibilities as to where the plot can progress and which paths the characters may possibly take. Another reason why EA has to progress the plot further is because of the love story that goes on between Cal and Merrin. Although it was never official in the game, the affection that they showed each other in the short time they’ve known each other speaks volumes. There have been many love stories in Star Wars where the lovers had just met so why can’t there be another one? A new sequel to Fallen Order will give more progression to the love story and create a stronger impact with fans. 


Even though it is almost certain there will be more games to come, it’s advised that you wait for official announcements about any developments as anything else is pure speculation.

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