The Ultimate Guide to How to Covert Android App To iOS

Possessing an iOS mobile app for a company or brand is good. Possessing an Android program is very good also. As you have resolved to create an app on a single platform/OS, the upcoming logical step is to create exactly the identical program for a different one. This might mean, really, to convert an app, from iOS or even Android.

Android is the largest platform, almost cover the 80% share of the entire mobile OS market. What exactly is the need to convert a program? How large of a change beforehand? How different is switching from iOS on Android, and out of Android into iOS? Where to locate Android programmers which will deliver a fast and decent outcome? With the assistance of our in-house improvement team, we will talk you through in detail. But why should I convert a mobile app, you might think? Here below are a few advantages to convert an app?

Expand your market reach – Most users prefer one stage to the next, so why missing out to people, who can become your potential clients?

More attributes – Mobile app conversion isn’t duplication, therefore there are chances to improve and enhance the consumer experience, add more unique attributes, etc.

Reduce program development prices – Clearly building a program from scratch and converting a program isn’t exactly the same in cost and time, and you would have the ability to spend less.

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Assessing the iOS app to Android

There is a great deal of work, direction, and oversight in place. From now on we will be speaking about factors and various Facets of app porting, and these items to contemplate to convert iOS app to Android are-

Architecture differences

Design/UX factors

Code and elements


Clients and business version

Play Store entry

Android app architecture

Among the initial measures in Android app development is defining the minimal Android variant supported by your program.

Let us convert your app

The next step is the review of app design and features, contemplating peculiarities and differences of the two iOS and Android platforms. Particular platform properties can add new functions of a program, for instance. There is a whole lot of talks about the pros and cons of the iOS layout and Android layout. The major distinction here is that individuals are two distinct surroundings and behave otherwise. Thus, avoid copying the design component when porting the iOS app to Android.

Additionally, you need to recall and subtract metric gaps. And compare to iOS font and icon sizes, which can be quantified in points (pt), rather than pixels on the Apple platform. The proportion of things to pixels is roughly 0.75. Watch the iOS resources grid beneath. App programmers always use specific external tools and libraries when constructing a mobile app. To convert the iOS app to the Android app, certainly, one must test the compatibility of these tools in Android. If they’re not compatible, it is required to discover a proper alternative framework.   In training, such as iOS to Android conversion, the program is rewritten on a different programming language completely. The duration of these tasks is dependent upon app complexity, libraries, architecture and so forth.

Evaluation and program

This indicates the analysis of your present iOS actually functions, what are its attributes, design attributes, workflow, etc.  You also need to find possible issues/errors and think of strategies to fix them optimize the Android program version. The above tools, frameworks and backend peculiarities need to be keenly assessed for compatibility.

Assessment and execution

Evaluate all of the compatibility technical problems with libraries, code, third-party providers. Pick the best technician stack to create an app porting precise and not as time-consuming, and initiate the development. Convert iOS app to Android App is extremely much like creating one Android program, so don’t expect it to be within a week. It has attributes and layout adaptation by producing Android-specific UX and performance, setting up the backend, monetization tools, etc.

Testing and moving live

Very similar to some other program building jobs, quality assurance is essential to convert iOS app to Android. Based on practices from the service you have hired or your specialized requirements, you might use real Android apparatus or emulation tools for analyzing. When all is nice, submit the program to the Google Play and get started marketing campaigns. Programmers need to be effective at platform variation, examining business logic supporting a program, testing, and programming.  The most likely instance of program porting is to convert android app to iOS. Phone owners are even more faithful and tend to not change to various devices.


Google Android and also Apple’s iOS ports are two distinct universes. As a consequence, you can’t reuse the port of your own Android app to port it into iOS apps. This is due to distinct methods of layout — Apple functions in apartment design and Android functions in material layout.


In the event the Android program is using certain 3-rd celebration tools/frameworks/libraries/solutions, you also need to research compatibility of these with the iOS program. To successfully convert a program from Android into iOS you are going to have to execute considerable excellent assurance.

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