Get To Know The Best Cloud Mining Sites

For those who have decided to mine virtual currencies and Bitcoin in the most legit ways ever without the need for hardware, there are highly secure services you will need to depend on.

However, the major issue with such an investment is making the best decision in selecting a site you can easily rely on.

Have it in mind that there are so many sites which have been written off as scam and so, one will have to be careful in researching the reliable cloud mining sites.

Nonetheless, we will be analyzing some of the best cloud mining sites shortly, but first of all, we need to give a clear-cut definition of what cloud mining sites are.

What Is Cloud Mining?

All you need to know is that cloud mining is a method in which people earn diverse virtual currencies with the aid of special services on the web.

The set of people wishing to earn virtual currencies are given this chance to digitally buy or rent hash power from the owners of farms and data centers. As a result of this, it is vital that you register on the mining service’s website and invest some money.

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In other words, cloud mining is often referred to as an easy technique for mining virtual coins like bitcoins. Through cloud mining, clients are relieved from buying expensive computer equipment, software, and even electricity.

The whole cloud mining process has become really popular in the world today. And, the current rating of cloud mining organizations is carried out on the bases of feedbacks from customers.

With cloud mining, you get to save time.

The Best Cloud Mining Sites

This is the part that will truly interest you. Everyone wants to know the ideal cloud mining sites that they can properly invest in and not be scammed. Some of these sites include:

Hashflare cloud mining


HashFlare as we know it is rated among the most ideal and oldest cloud mining services and it is proven to be legit and has a high profit.

Its major activity is the creation of hosting powerful services, development of computer equipment and daily technical support for clients.

On HashFlare, the clients can make investments as low as $1.2 and get passive income in equal proportion to the hash power being rented. HashFlare was established as far back as 2013.

It has its data centers in Estonia and Iceland. A huge number of working capitals which is around four hundred thousand dollars comprises of the company’s own resources and funds from investors.

For a one-year contract, its lowest cost is eighteen dollars with a hundred GH/S. Note that HashFlare’s main aim is to open up access that is free for every customer to start cloud mining.

Advantages Of HashFlare

Some of the pros of HashFlare include:

  1. Registration is simple and fast. Once your account is topped up, the hardware of the company begins mining any of the five most prominent virtual currencies.
  2. You can withdraw your earned amount without any hassle or commission that is hidden.
  3. You can easily view detailed statistics of how the hardware functions from your account.
  4. Detailed reports on every transaction carried out pertaining to your profits and expenses are given to you.

Disadvantages Of HashFlare

Some of the cons of HashFlare include:

  1. There are no instant payouts and the service has been said to be slow.
  2. Payouts are operated manually as automatic payments tend to threaten the website’s security.

Nonetheless, this cloud mining site is legit and not a scam.

Hashing24 cloud mining


Hashing24 is a cloud mining service that was established since the year 2016, however, the team in the company has been entangled in all of this cloud mining business since the year 2012.

Their offices are situated in Ukraine, Thailand and of course, Great Britain. While its data centers are found in Georgia and Iceland.

This cloud mining service features not only automatic payouts but, it has a hundred percent assurance for the computer equipment to work uninterrupted. Note that, this mining service is not only profitable, it also has some favorable terms.

All you need to do is to purchase the power from its main supplier of hardware and earn income in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. Also, newcomers have the chance to gain easy access to an efficient mining experience.

For its prospective profitability of investment, it actually varies from one hundred and twenty to one hundred and sixty percent every year. In turn, this makes it rated among the best indicators found on the market.

Advantages Of Hashing24

Some of the pros of Hashing24 include:

  1. It provides a service that is reliable and based on modern computer equipment. Every one of its clients gets the needed power for mining these Cryptocurrencies.
  2. Its partner is BitFury company and this company has been noted as a reliable and professional company.
  3. Investing in their contract is selected through bank cards or even online payment networks.

Disadvantages Of Hashing24

Its biggest and only con is that up till this very moment, Hashing24 only provides operations with two algorithms and Bitcoin.

IQMining cloud mining

IQ Mining

Established in the year 2016 by a team of IT professionals in blockchain development, IQ Mining is fully registered in the Seychelles Islands.

However, its computer equipment is in diverse countries like Russia, Georgia, China, Algeria, and Iceland. Its permanent visitors are citizens from countries such as India, Israel, Russia and not to forget, Nigeria.

Always remember that citizens from the United States cannot register on IQ mining’s website.

Nevertheless, its registration is easy and you can begin mining with as little as ten dollars. If we are to judge by the icons placed on the website, every major virtual currency and coins are made available for you to operate.

Advantages Of IQ Mining

Its pros include:

  1. Its profits are high as the managers of the company provide a good income of about fifty percent monthly. Some bigger competitors do not offer this.
  2. Its service backs up every basic payment technique. So, you can purchase contracts for your computing power via bank cards and virtual currency wallets.
  3. A calculator has been positioned on IQ mining’s website to simply calculate every profit. For each algorithm, there is data available.
  4. A great advantage is that withdrawal is easy and without any hassle in twenty-four hours.

Disadvantages Of IQ Mining

While there are so many good reviews about IQ mining, it is still not enough to completely put all your trust in the company. This is because the service does not actually provide the possibility of gaining profit on some of its algorithms.

CCG cloud mining
CCG Cloud MIning

CCG Mining

This cloud mining service comprises of a team of experts who work tirelessly with a slogan that states that they make it easy just for you.

The company operates every single day and develops products that are innovative enough to meet up to standards with your largest and most difficult requirement. Therefore, they provide competitive yet flexible solutions.

Its farms were launched for the mining of Bitcoin in the year 2017. Note that, CCG Mining is actually a foreign company that functions in about six countries and has diverse farms as well as video cards.

Also, it trades farms to be used for mining virtual currencies based on the order. The lowest investment you can invest is around thirty dollars and this relies on the digital currency.

Furthermore, you can easily make known about seven digital currencies in your private account since there are investments available for all of them. Also, CCG mining’s contracts are either for a year or for your entire lifetime.

Advantages Of CCG Mining

Its pros include:

  1. With CCG Mining, you can mine diverse digital currencies all at once. The company does not place all its concentration on just one digital coin.
  2. Every client can acquire diverse digital coins with the aid of different cloud mining contracts.
  3. This cloud mining service does well by providing highly competitive prices with high quality. Note that, all of its calculations and pricing are made transparent to all. There are no costs that are kept hidden.

Disadvantages Of CCG Mining

A flaw in this cloud mining service is that it has been noticed that the website has some inaccuracies. And, it does not allow investments using bank cards.

Alien Cloud
Alien Cloud


First of all, have it in mind that this company is not just a mining service that is based on the cloud. It is a platform that is fully-fledged for operating with digital currencies. It has been in operation since the year 2017.

Being one of the most prominent of its kind, AlienCloud has plans to debut its mining pool. If you have computer equipment that performs highly, you can easily make some requests for easy access to it.

Moreover, the exact cost of renting the lowest hashing power tends to vary from $2 to $34. Also, the lowest hashing rate tends to range from one to one hundred GH/S with its lowest investment starting from $11 to $37. All of its contracts are not restricted in time.

You can withdraw about three thousand dollars without any verification of your identity. For this, commissions are charged and it depends on each of the digital currencies. On the website, you can find both an exchange and an online wallet for keeping assets.

For the exchanger, it functions with the aid of P2P transactions and provides little fees for its transactions. Also, there are actually trading very convenient charts.

Advantages Of AlienCloud

Its pros include:

  1. Its utilization of computing power that is being provided on the website is not restricted in time except for such cases whereby mining turns out to not yield any profit.
  2. AlienCloud does not only provide mining in full scale on the clouds, but it also offers a community for communication with digital currencies.
  3. Reinvestment is made possible as there are no commissions or fees that are kept hidden.
  4. AlienCloud’s platform is comparatively prominent and highly trusted.

Disadvantages Of AlienCloud

Its con has to do with the fact that there is no calculator present on its website. Although its calculator accuracy is expected to be low, its presence will otherwise enable users to estimate a profit that is possible to attain.

While its contract prices are not really low, it, however, is competitive.

Cryptotek Cloud Mining


As a project that is considered to be unusual, Cryptotek ends up surprising so many people with its preparation quality. It is a company that has its formal registration in the United States. It has been in operation since January 2017.

Furthermore, Cryptotek is fully engaged in trading, mining and has strategies that are being put in place to develop its very own cryptocurrency exchange.

Because its mining is carried out based on diverse algorithms, the management of the company has brought about its own digital currency known as CRT.

Note that, CRT can be spent on buying hashing power. The more users have this virtual coin of Cryptotek, the faster the process of mining and larger the income gotten from mining will be.

Meanwhile, Cryptotek has made promises to actively get profit from fifteen percent to about 17.5 percent each month. Its lowest investment begins from ten dollars. Bear in mind that you can gain sturdy amounts with this project.

Advantages Of Cryptotek

Its pros include:

  1. When you invest with this cloud mining company, you will have an actual chance to greatly acquire monetary benefits and be a part of a fast-developing cryptocurrency system
  2. Cryptotek is available and functions in over one hundred and ninety-one countries all over the globe.
  3. Regularly, users can get actual-time profit and can even monitor it.

Disadvantages Of Cryptotek

Although it has lots of strong points and is popular in the United States, the project is not so demanding with users outside America.

Wrapping It Up

In selecting the best cloud mining service at the end of the day, there are diverse points you should consider when making your selection. You should think about the hashing power cost when it is being rented as it affects your rate of ROI; return on investment.

Nonetheless, all of the aforementioned cloud mining services have been known to be legit and so, you can make your choice from any of them.

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