What Makes a Great POS

Technology has made changes to the way business is done for years.

With the Point of Sale (POS) becoming a staple in restaurants and many other retail stores, business owners are faced with new demands to keep their daily procedures flowing. POS systems have become the inventory and time management companion to have. So, how do you know when it is time to upgrade your POS? Here is a list of the most common signs that it is time for an upgrade to keep your business flowing.

Security Concerns

One of the most important reasons companies consider upgrading their POS systems is security. As programs change and technologies advance, new ways to hack into systems are also improved. POS systems are the primary cash management for many companies. With credit card processing and cash register features all linked through your POS an outdated system makes it easier for a breach to occur.

Making sure you have the most advanced security and protection from these risks is essential for your business in two ways. One it keeps your information and your customer’s information safe. The other way is customer satisfaction. Consumers use many forms of payment, and they count on the companies they work with to keep their data secure at all times. Breaching this confidence because of outdated equipment is not an option.

Slow or Nonresponsive Programs

The next sign that it is time to upgrade your POS is slow or nonresponsive programs. You know the kind. You push a button and have to wait a matter of seconds or minutes until the machine responds to your input. This delay occurs when the program is outdated or incompatible with newer technology. The time you have to wait is time taken away from your customers a busy day.

While you may have updated your programs to the newest versions available for your applications, continued slowdowns may signify the need for more modern programs themselves. These slowdowns especially become a problem as payment methods change through protection tactics by card companies. Making sure you have software that can keep up will keep your company at the level your customers have come to expect.

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Hardware no Longer Fits

Another problem caused by updated measures from bank and credit card companies is the need for newer equipment. Your equipment needs to fit with both your company and your customer service needs. New advancements in technology not only affect your programs but the machine that allows your applications to work efficiently for your business needs.

The perfect example of needing to upgrade your hardware to keep up with these changes is the addition of chips into most credit and bank cards. While this measure benefits the customer by adding an extra level of protection it has caused many companies to scramble to make the necessary changes needed to accommodate these cards and requiring the introduction of chip reader hardware into your POS system.

Not Cloud Connected

New equipment and software can make a significant difference in your daily POS functions. Cloud connection of your POS will make a difference in your overall usage of your POS. This convenience is not as widely accepted as others on this list but will make your daily operations easier in many ways. Connecting your POS system to the cloud will allow you to manage your business’s information from where ever you are. This convenience is a great benefit if you find yourself making numerous business trips.

Connecting your POS to a cloud server will allow you to keep track of inventory or connect with your system from your home computer or your hotel’s computer in another state. Imagine being able to see in real time how many hours your employees have logged while spending the week with your family on the beach allowing you to have more time away from the office and still being able to take care of the necessities.

Data is Key

Continuing from a cloud connection has to be data. As any growing business knows, the company’s data is a vital part of maintaining and growing your sales. If your POS system does not provide you with essential features like data analysis and reporting capabilities, it is time for an upgrade to your POS.

This feature ties in with cloud connection. With your business connected to the cloud, you will be able to check the data for the last month and see which products you should replace and which ones are making a name for themselves. Cloud connection and data analysis will allow you to decide on the go, how to manage your company’s inventory and promotional campaigns to keep your company at the forefront of market demands.

With ever-changing technologies available for your POS systems, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest security, software, equipment, and programming. Upgrading your POS system to stay in the loop of all the newest advancements is crucial to this process. You do not need to update yearly or even every other year. Take your cues from your system and keep an eye on the new technologies that develop.

You should upgrade your POS at least every four or five years, making sure you have the capabilities your customers have come to expect. With this in mind if advancements are made before this time though you should make the necessary changes to your POS system to allow your company to stay at the head of the class. So what no more time , get a POS Quote now.

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