Get to know the tokenization of Real Estate property

The most commonly available forms of Tokenization are Commercial, Residential, Single and Trophy real estate tokenization

Real estate has recently emerged as one of the mainstream assets. From being viewed as an alternative asset associated with poor liquidity and high depreciation costs,  it has become a strong commercial asset possessing high conversion rates today.

Through tokenization, investors can become partial owners of the asset. It also benefits proprietors through the effective realization of cash and access to a greater additional amount of capital. Prices can be perfectly determined based on data available from the secondary market. Automated processing helps in reduction of manpower costs and boosts the settlement speed.

How to tokenize real estate property

  • Shareholders can purchase a single property or a variety of properties using debt or equity securities as tokens.
  • The tokens can represent a part of a building,  shares in a real estate fund or a completed real estate project.
  • Using Proof of Asset Protocol, the token prices are fairly stable which enables investors to recover their money quickly.

Reasons why security tokens are in high demand

Less entry costs, diversified portfolio, absence of middlemen, and standardized transactions have contributed to the rising demand for security tokens

Types of Real Estate that can be tokenized 

The most commonly available forms of Tokenization are Commercial, Residential, Single and Trophy real estate tokenization

Steps involved in Real Estate Tokenization

Deal structuring, choice of the right technology, token creation and distribution

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Things to be kept in mind before Tokenizing Real Estate

  • Liabilities in property
  • Execution of Smart Contracts system for automation
  • Ratio of tokenization and the number of tokens to be created
  • Awareness of local and national tax laws
  • Knowledge of token holder’s previous track record
  • Satisfying mandatory KYC/ AML requirements

If your company is looking out for the best real estate tokenization services in the market,, get in touch with the team of accomplished developers who will provide you customizable solutions at an affordable price resulting in a high profit yield.

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CoinFractal - The Latest Crypto Market News & Insights


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