Presence: The Most Powerful Character In The DC Universe

The most powerful being in the DC Universe is a mysterious character known as The Presence. The Presence is more powerful than all characters of the DC cosmos combined, Superman, Darkseid and Lobo, included. 

What role does The Presence have in DC Universe? The DC universe is probably packed with the most powerful characters in all of the comic book lore. It is home to Superman, a fellow with world-destroying powers who would need some excessively powerful foes to contend with, would he not? And a few similarly powered allies to help him grapple with this cohort of ultra-powerful ne’er-do-wells.

From Darkseid to Superman, to the mischievous Mr. MXYZPTLK to the Czarnian Bastich himself, The Main Man, Lobo! The DC universe is crammed with beings who possess god-like powers, heck some of them actually are gods.

This is a subject we are revisiting, as we have examined it in a tad more detail in a previous article. However, this time around, we will be concentrating our focus on the DC character who came out top of this list of the 6 most powerful beings in the DC cosmos.

While others are veritable gods, he is the god. The reason the DC Universe exists in the first place, apart from the artists and writers of course Mr. Let There Be Light himself, The Presence (known, on this side of existence, as God.)

Origins of The Presence

According to the DC narrative, The Presence is the all-powerful being who began it all. Modeled after The God of the Abrahamic religions, reigning over a hodgepodge of pantheons derived from various religions, and mythologies, The Presence, also known as The Voice, first made appearance on DC pages in 1940 in the original The Spectre comic.

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However, according to the DC narrative (which borrows heavily from the Christian Bible), in the beginning, was The Presence and only The Presence. As The Voice, he created the word, along with the DC Multiverse which contained heaven and Earth.

He then created the first order of beings, The Celestials. Among whom was The First Of The Fallen (Satan) who was meant to embody The Presence’s consciousness. After which, he created other beings, deities, and demons who would go on to rule their own sections of the multiverse.

Plans Go Awry

That didn’t happen, as his creations had wills of their own. The First Of The Fallen goes and decides that God is mad, and is banished to Hell. A Guardian that The Presence had created, Kronus, then went rogue, and looked back in time and witnessed something he probably shouldn’t have. A). A secret manifestation of The Presence, known as The Hand, who shaped the Multiverse, and B). The creation of a female who was a companion to Adam She rebelled against The Presence and found herself being banished to hell.

Rebellion against The Presence

The Presence then took the form of The Presence, speaking to his creation, only in voice, which led many to doubt his judgment. Samael then decided that all of creation should write their own destiny, and not follow God’s plan. He then leads a rebellion against The Presence.

The Archangel, Michael, and his cohorts eventually defeat Samael. He and his fellow rebels are thrown into hell. The Presence, believing that Samael would do better being away from him, gives him command of hell (knowing what that would lead to.) Samael assumes the name Lucifer and goes on to ruin humanity’s relationship with The Presence.

Ultimately, the fall of humanity was also part of The Presence’s plan, as he desired all of creation to write their own destinies. To choose for themselves, what is right, and what is wrong. The story that plays out throughout all the comics in the DC Universe is The Presence’s plan, in motion. If that isn’t power, we don’t know what is.

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