The Batman Who Laughs – The evil version of Batman in the DC world

Batman who laughs, is one of the most ruthless and terrifying villains that DC has introduced throughout its history. If you want to know what a scary monster the combination of Batman and the Joker creates, read on.

One of the most popular villains introduced to fans during DC Rebirth was the character “Batman Who Laughs”. This character was the epitome of horror in Bruce Wayne’s mind, leading to an attack on the Dark Multiverse. Although he has just entered the world of comics, he has very exciting and fascinating stories in his heart, which have made this character very popular and of course very famous.

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When he first appeared in the Dark Nights: Metal comic books, he was part of a larger existential threat to the entire DC universe. Since then, we have seen his footprints in all DC titles. He was even featured directly in front of his original DC counterpart in his exclusive series.

Now, in this article, we are going to take a look at the history of the character “Batman Who Laughs” and find out his role in the DC universe.

Who is “Batman Who Laughs”?

The Batman Who Laughs Featured

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The character “Batman Who Laughs” was introduced in 2017. in comic number one of “Dark Days: The Casting” by Scott Snyder and Greg Campolo. He is a terrifying shape of Bruce Wayne in one of the many Dark Multiverse worlds.

In Earth-22, the Joker successfully identifies Batman and kills Gordon. He also caused many children to be orphaned by the horrific attacks on Gotham. Batman then clashes with the Joker. This battle ends with the death of the Joker. When the Joker dies, the poison leaves his body and enters the body of the Dark Knight.

When this poison penetrates Bruce Wayne’s body, it distracts his mind and soul. Under the influence of this poison, Bruce finds a Joker-like temperament and has an infinite desire to kill. He brutally kills all his allies (including most of the Batman family and members of the Justice League group) before they know what has happened to him.

He even corrupts his son Damian and several of Gotham’s new orphans.

Dark Nights: Metal

In this crossover, “Batman Who Laughs ” leads the Dark Knights (other evil versions of Bruce Wayne, who have changed to look like members of the Justice League). In the Dark Multiverse, he quickly defeats the original DC Batman and Superman and takes control of Gotham City. He then uses the legendary metals of the DC world, such as Nth Metal, to build his headquarters on Mount Challengers.

In this comic, we first see the complete reign of Batman’s greatest enemies. But then batman who laughs fans are systematically defeated by their Justice League counterparts, while Batman and Superman return to DC. Bruce decides to enlist the help of the Joker. The two make peace with each other for a while to thwart the plans of this villain.

After defeating the villain, Batman takes him as a security prisoner under the supervision of the Justice League headquarters in Washington D.C.

Year of the Villain

year of the villain

Despite the Joker’s warnings, Lex Luthor decided to use the character “Batman Who Laughs” to carry out his evil plans. He wanted to defeat the members of the Justice League group forever. When the evil Batman finds a new opportunity for revenge, he decides to bring different injuries to Bruce and his relatives. Batman also has to take different measures to confront him. But batman who laughs corrupts Commissioner Gordon and uses poison to turn him into one of his allies. The villain’s plans do not end here. He continues to corrupt characters such as Billy Batson (Shazam) and Donna Troy with the poison of the Dark Multiverse.

“Batman Who Laughs” does not stop trying to form his Justice League group. To achieve his goals, he constantly corrupts other familiar faces and adds them to his group.

This villain shows what a terrible thing he can do if Batman breaks his moral rules in the DC world and approaches the Joker character.

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