Lucha Libre: The Layers Of Adult Themes Make This An Unsung Classic

Lucha Libre follows a group of unlikely superheros – Lucha Libre masked wrestlers – as they fight to give East Los Angeles back to the people.

The Jerry Frisser written anthology comic series was published Image Comics, for the US market in 2007. Interestingly, the comic was first published by French outfit Humanoids for the  European market.

These colourfully told stories that reflect real-life struggles are delivered to the reader in five issues and a covers run that depicts our heros in their more glorious years.

Luchadores 5

The first and probably the most popular, follows the five middle aged luchador wrestlers as they do battle with Tiki warriors, trigger happy/potty mouthed red-necks and werewolves that steal stereos out of innocent people’s cars. As much as these men who never take off their mask see themselves as superheroes, some of society seems to think they have a little bit of growing up to do.


Grammar to intentionally incorrect (Luchadoristo in proper grammar), follows the misadventures of  Melindez. A young boy obsessed with the life of Lucha libre wrestlers, while his friends appear to be indifferent.

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The Tikitis

This installation follows a group of retirement age superheroes on a South Pacific island as the battle to keep its most powerful resident, King Katch, from escaping the island.


Follows a character of the same name as he navigates the day to day struggles of marriage. However, his life takes an abrupt turn after being framed for his friends murder.

Professor Furia

This follows the life of an unsavory and inept wrestling coach as he takes advantage of his students.

So,,,, Who Exactly Are Our heros?

Our heros are really just regular

people who decided to fight crime. They have moments of fear, moments of courage. Their stories are lined with inspiration, but you’ll also find cowardice. They, and the concepts covered, are as real as this kind of comic entertainment can get.

El Gladiator

Is the Luchadores 5 team leader. He is a bit of a show off who tends to exaggerate his romantic successes and is critical towards his teammates about what he regards as a lack of dedication to the crime fighting cause. However, he tends to forget that he is supported by his parents and can devote more time to the cause.

Doctor Pantera

He happens to be the only married crew member and has a lot of trouble explaining his superhero life to his wife.

Red Demon

The resident lady’s man, he is the most stylish and claims to have a secret technique for dating 3 women without raising any suspicion.

Diablo Loco

A lively cigar smoking party animal.

King Karateca

Considered the strongest in the Luchadores 5 team, he is the only one who has martial arts training.

The list goes on to Tequila, El Panda, Cheryl Goldstein, Stacy K, Paquito Furioso and Walter Van Krrh.

Though the five issues tell separate stories, once read one noticed how the stories all blend into each other to form a modern masterpiece of sorts.

As for the inspiration, Frisser credits that to the city of Angeles.

“I see a lot of things that make me want to write. For example, one day I got my CD player stolen from my car and at night I was so pissed (mainly because of the Ramones CDs they took), I was having this fantasy about being a superhero and getting my revenge. I realized how pathetic that was and it inspired me to create the main characters of the Luchadores Five.”  Said Frisser.


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