Links of the week: 3 pages to transform your living room

While the kitchen often grabs the headlines for its so-called value-adding properties, for many of us the living room is the place where it all happens.

It’s the place where we entertain guests, gather on an evening, and in short, enjoy most of our elusive down-time.

Over the course of the past week, I have been looking through several pages that can help add a spruce of the wow-factor to the typical living room space. The following suggestions shouldn’t be overly expensive, but certainly give food for thought if you are contemplating a minor remodel.

Link #1: Houzz (Key measurements for your living room)

This first link is all about buying furniture. However, it’s not the typical guide about the latest trends and so on.

Instead, it’s about sizing; a topic that many of us dismiss.

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For most of us, bigger is better. If our living room can physically accommodate it, it’s good to go.

As it turns out, this is perhaps the wrong way of looking at things. This page from Houzz instead talks about the typical size of furniture, before then presenting how large your space should be to accommodate it. In other words, you’re trying to avoid the classic ‘pea in a drum’ scenario where everything looks out of proportion.

Link #2: Avas Flowers (How to add vibrancy to your space without a tin of paint)

As we all know, the easiest way to add color and excitement to a room typically arrives via a tin of paint.

As it turns out, it doesn’t have to be like this. This page from Avas Flowers shows how rooms around the country are instead turning to accessories, such as flowers, to avoid the need for extensive and expensive renovations. This Pinterest page for Avas Flowers shows more examples and is the perfect way to highlight how you really should think outside the box when it comes to adding a splash of color to your living room.

Link #3: House Beautiful (Hidden television ideas)

You’ve invested in traditional, rustic furniture, but it’s all for nothing when you plonk a giant 50” television into the room – which looks totally out of place.

Based on this, this guide from House Beautiful could be exactly what the doctor ordered. This is perhaps one of the most inventive living room articles we have read so far and looks at some of the ways you can effectively disguise your television amongst other furniture.

Some are relatively simple. For example, one was placing the television behind cupboard doors; there’s nothing too out of the ordinary about that. However, others bordered on the genius, with one involving placing it behind a painting that was designed for such a purpose.

Granted, it’s anything but orthodox, but it will solve a problem that many homeowners commonly face.

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