Overwatch 2 : Here’s everything you need to know

Release date speculations and changes coming to Blizzards new game - Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 was announced at BlizzCon in 2019. However, the game was said to still be in rearly development. They haven’t yet revealed a release date. Fans are speculating that Blizzard will give the date for Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 at the 2022 BlizzConline convention. Next year competitive players will be testing out the early stages of the game.

What can we expect from the new game?

Overwatch 2 is a sequel but not in the full meaning. All of the PVP updates of Overwatch 2 will also be implemented into Overwatch 1. This means that the games will be compatible and that players from both of the games can party up and play together. Jeff Kaplan ( game director of Overwatch ) has suggested that the unpopular game mode,, Capture 2 points’’ may be gone forever and replaced by a new game mod called Push. Unfortunately, Jeff Kaplan has stepped down as the game director in April 2021 and is being replaced by his former assistant Aaron Keller.

With PVP changes coming to Overwatch 1 as well, the game Overwatch 2 seems like an expansion. So far we have seen 2 new maps and one new hero Sojourn. She is the first Overwatch hero to wield an FPS classic: the railgun. It looks incredibly powerful if her shots land, but you’ll have to pick your targets carefully.

It is clear by now that the game is going to be PvE-centered. That sector is divided into Story Missions and Hero missions. Story missions will have a team of players fighting against the Null sector – robotic army in the Uprising event in the original game. Hero missions are separated from Story missions and are designed to be highly replayable. In this mode, players can level up heroes and unlock customization options that modify their abilities.

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Skill trees and loot boxes

Each of the heroes will have three distinct skill trees just like in World of Warcraft. They will give the characters amazing abilities and ensure the replayability of the hero missions in order to level up your hero.

Game director Jeff Kaplan has also announced changes coming to the loot boxes. They have changed a lot over the years and he said that there’s even a chance of them being removed from the game and for battle passes to be implemented.  Some good news for players of Overwatch 1, all of your existing skins will be transferable to the new game.

Overwatch 2 will be 5v5

It has been confirmed that instead of 6v6, Overwatch 2 will be 5v5. This means the off-tanking role is going to be completly deleted. By announcing this news, Blizzard has caused turbulence in the Overwatch community. Ever since the beginning of Overwatch, they have tried to keep the queue times for tanks, support, and damage at a reasonable rate. Nowadays if you queue as a tank, you will get a game incredibly fast. However, a lot of the time pairing inside of the matches is unfair. It is not uncommon to see a bronze and diamond player paired together.

The reason for this is that there is a big lack of tanks in Overwatch. Blizzard certainly took the easy way out. If they made five to ten new tanks who have interesting abilities and are fun to play or added some new buffs to the existing tanks, there definitely would be a lot more players choosing the tank role. But why would they do that if they can just delete one of the tanking roles? Now teams that have played the game together for years will have to ditch their off-tank.

Is the game worth it?

With the number of players playing Overwatch being below one million, a big part of the gaming community considers it to be a ,,dead’’ game. So, with new content and rebranding, Blizzard is surely hoping to bring in a bigger fan base. However, since the PVP updates are coming to the original game, if you only care about multi-player, there is no reason to go buy Overwatch 2. For those who enjoy story games, the sequel looks very promising.

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