Deep rock galactic – review

This mining game is surely going to exceed your expectations. So, hop on because we are dwarves and we are digging a hole! (yes...that's a metal reference)

A thrilling and captivating cooperative first-person shooter video game, Deep Rock Galactic transports players on an exciting galactic mining journey. The game, which is set in the far future, depicts a colorful and eccentric cosmos in which players take on the roles of expert dwarven miners employed by the Deep Rock Galactic mining company. Each player selects a distinct dwarf class, complete with specialized skills and tools that help the squad succeed in perilous mining assignments. The game delivers an incredible fusion of action, strategy, and teamwork, whether you’re exploring dynamically created dungeons, fighting hordes of deadly alien species, or discovering important minerals. Deep Rock Galactic has enthralled players with its breathtaking aesthetics, deep gameplay, and a steady stream of upgrades and materials.

Classes in Deep Rock Galactic

The game boasts a diverse array of mining classes, each with unique abilities that contribute to the success of hazardous mining missions.

The first class, the “Driller” is a master of subterranean excavation. Armed with a powerful flamethrower and drills, they can effortlessly carve through rock and create tunnels, enabling the team to traverse the most challenging terrains quickly.

Next up is the “Gunner” a steadfast class responsible for providing firepower and crowd control. Armed with a heavy minigun and zipline launcher, the Gunner can mow down waves of hostile creatures with ease. Moreover, their zip lines allow the team to reach distant locations swiftly, making them indispensable for navigating large caverns and reaching precious resources suspended above deep chasms.

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The third class is the “Scout” a nimble and versatile class perfect for mobility. Equipped with a powerful flare gun and grappling hook, the Scout illuminates dark caves and can access otherwise unreachable areas. Their ability to spot valuable minerals from a distance aids in resource collection, ensuring the mission objectives are met efficiently.

Last but not least, the “Engineer” class is the backbone of the mining team. Armed with a shotgun and deployable turrets, the Engineer can fortify positions and defend against swarms of hostile creatures. Additionally, their platforms provide elevated access points and act as bridges.

In Deep Rock Galactic, the synergy between these diverse mining classes is crucial to the success of every mission. With each player contributing their unique strengths and abilities, the cooperative gameplay experience is both thrilling and rewarding, as players work together to overcome treacherous environments and hordes of alien creatures while collecting valuable resources in the depths of an uncharted planet.


Deep rock galactic is a game that bases itself on missions. Each mission type offers a distinct set of objectives and challenges, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for miners. Here are some of the primary mission types found in the game:

  1. Mining Expedition.: The most common mission type, Mining Expeditions, are all about gathering valuable minerals and resources scattered throughout the caves. Miners must work together to locate and extract a required amount of specific minerals while defending against waves of hostile creatures. As they delve deeper into the dark and dangerous caverns, they uncover hidden surprises and face increasingly challenging enemies.
  2. Egg Hunt: In Egg Hunt missions, the miners have to find and retrieve a set number of alien eggs. These eggs are guarded by aggressive creatures, and players must be prepared to face relentless assaults as they gather cargo.
  3. Salvage Operations: they involve rescuing and reactivating M.U.L.Es (Mineral-Uplink-and-Logistical-Extractor) that have been left behind in hazardous environments. Miners need to locate and activate these autonomous robots while holding off waves of attacking enemies. The M.U.L.Es will then gather and return valuable minerals, streamlining the extraction process and ensuring the mission’s success.
  4. Point Extraction: Point Extraction missions are all about collecting large amounts of valuable minerals. Players must locate and mine the precious gems while contending with an ever-increasing swarm of hostile creatures.
  5. Elimination: In Elimination missions, players have one primary objective: to eliminate specific high-priority targets, often referred to as Dreadnoughts. These colossal and dangerous creatures require a focused and coordinated effort to defeat, making these missions among the most challenging.

Community in Deep Rock Galactic

A lively and close-knit group of miners is overflowing with friendliness and teamwork. The cooperative aspect of the game promotes a strong sense of teamwork, where players cooperate to overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals. Miners frequently develop enduring friendships via shared experiences, whether they include going on perilous mining missions or fending off hordes of dangerous monsters. The community has built its name with friendliness and helpful culture, which quickly provides advice and support to new players

Upgrades and graphics

Deep Rock Galactic’s development team routinely produces remarkable upgrades and improvements while taking into account user requests and comments. The mining classes are further diversified by these updates, which frequently contain new tools, gadgets, and equipment. Additionally, the creators frequently add new enemies cave systems, and mission types, guaranteeing a novel and interesting experience with each release.

The graphics crew has also shown a commitment to fine-tuning the game’s performance and attention to detail. This includes beautiful settings with extensive cave networks, dynamic lighting, and immersive visual effects that heighten the sensation of discovery. The extraterrestrial monsters are also beautiful, displaying a combination of terrifying and unearthly characteristics.


In conclusion, Deep Rock Galactic is a fascinating and well-executed cooperative mining adventure that excels at uniting players. Its several mining classes, interesting mission types, and difficult alien enemies produce a dynamic gameplay loop that promotes cooperation, communication, and tactical planning. The close-knit community adds to the enjoyment of the game by encouraging lifelong friendships and creating a welcoming environment for new miners.

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