Omni Man: the fan-favorite character of the show Invincible

An alien disgusied as a protector of Earth secretly wants to conquer it

Amazon has released a new series called Invincible. It was animated with the source material being the comic of the same name. The main series ran for over 140 issues. It was written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, and published by Image Comics. In the comics, the main character is a teenage superhero called Invincible. However, today we will not be covering Invincible, but arguably the most interesting character in the comics/show, Omni Man.

Omni Man’s first appearance was in issue 1 of Invincible. Nolan Grayson is the husband to Debrah Grayson and father to Mark Grayson who would go on to become Invincible. The entire planet is aware that Omni Man is their most powerful superhero. Sometimes, he is a member of Guardians of the Globe. They are a team that closely resembles the Justice League.

Origin of the legendary Omni Man

Nolan Grayson aka Omni man is an alien. A member of the viltrumite race who came from the planet Viltrum. As Nolan’s son Mark approaches his 18th birthday, Nolan plans on to start training Mark who is half-alien and half earthling. He told Mark all about his life and the Viltrumite people. Viltrumites stationed Nolan on Earth where he met Mark’s mother and became Earth’s greatest champion.


They are a benevolent race of beings who evolved through a form of Darwinism. After breeding the strongest of their people, they go out to the stars and begin to defend the universe for other weaker planets. Viltrumites also live to be 1000s of years old and their speed and strength are one of the highest in the universe. Additionally, they get more powerful as they age. So it is rare for a young Viltrumite to be stronger than a more mature or even elderly one.

Biggest early twist of the Invincible show

Omni Man is not exactly who he says he is. One day he summons the entire guardians of the globe team to their main base where he systematically dismantles all of them. He kills all of them easily. After slaughtering the entire team, he makes the rest of the planet believe that an unknown enemy attacked them. The remaining superheroes are obviously shocked to learn of their passing. Especially Mark, who looked up to the team and wanted to be a part of it one day. One of the team members, Immortal, survived. Well not exactly survived. He was resurrected by the Mauler twins so they can use him for manipulation.

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Omni Man is a horrible father (SURPRISE!)

Nolan had to admit to Mark about killing the Guardians of the Globe. Then he went on to explain the truth about the Viltrumite people and their empire. Omni Man’s true purpose on earth was to conquer it. Mark’s shocked when learning all of this. He refuses to help his dad in his quest and then Omni Man attacks him. The fight is brutal and Nolan drastically overpowers him. After beating him nearly to death he leaves Earth.

In many other instances, Omni man completely destroyed his son. He knocked him through a mountain, punched him so hard he broke a mountain, knocked him through a cruise liner, destroyed a whole metropolitan city with him, and murdered an entire train of people with his head. One time when he knocked out Mark’s teeth in a fight, it made him have flashbacks of when Mark was a kid missing his front teeth. That flashback is the only reason Nolan didn’t kill his son.

Possibly one of the best villains ever made

Often switching back and forth between being a hero and a villain, Omni man is definitely one of the most interesting characters ever written. Being very similar to Superman’s powers he is the strongest hero on Earth. With a hate-love relationship with his son, it keeps the viewer waiting to see how Nolan and Mark will end up. Amazon confirmed that there will be a second and third season of Invincible, but the release date has not yet been confirmed.

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