A Character With Powers Crazier Than Domino’s?! Yes, Marvel Recently Introduced One

Regardless of the X-Men's ability to size up their opponents, the task at hand was rendered even more complicated by the introduction of a mutant with a power like no other.

Just when you thought that mutant powers couldn’t get any crazier than Domino’s ability to alter probability – yes alter probability, creatives at Marvel have gone and introduced us to a mutant with an even crazier than the Six Pack mercenary Domino’s.

Marvel never fails to amaze readers with their creativity, especially when it comes to mutant super powers. This time, the X of Swords saga brings an interesting addition to the already thrilling built up to a massive showdown.

In what looks to be the X-Men’s toughest challenge yet, as the team’s most competent fighters against a formidable group of opponents in the Champions of Akkaro. However, as fierce as they may be, none is without a fighting deficiency that could prove to be a pernicious liability if detected by the X-Men.

Regardless of the X-Men’s ability to size up their opponents, the task at hand was rendered even more complicated by the introduction of a mutant with a power like no other.

In a conversation Apocalypse has with his wife Genesis in X-Men #14, a lot of details about Arakko and the events that led to her becoming Annihilation. She also told Apocalypse about her sister, Isca The Unbeaten, and how she had betrayed Arakko during the battles against Anenthi by joining the other side.

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As Genesis continues, one quickly comes to understand how Isca’s choice to defect the other side might be deeply intertwined with her mutant powers. Isca’s power is to NEVER lose.

Isca The Unbeatable

Isca The Unbeatable is – like her sister Genesis – a millenia old mutant with an interesting special ability. Referred to in the comics as Tychokenises, Isca’s power is to win, regardless of the circumstances encompassing the given situation – alone or otherwise.

In situations that require special skill sets to win, her body will adapt itself according to the necessities. In a situation that is dependent on chance, the odds of success will be adjusted to suit her.

When doing battle in larger groups, things can get a little more complicated for Isca. In a situation where victory does not hinge on her alone, her powers may force her to instinctively change sides in order to stay on the winning side of the conflict. Because of her instinctive drive to win, Isca has very little concept of loyalty and will readily sacrifice others in order to secure a victory.

Preparing for Battle

At the dinner event that precedes the showdown, the X-Men team take the time to discretely measure up the opposition, trying to spot any exploitable shortcomings the other fighters might have.

It isn’t long before Gorgon and Magik come to a shocking conclusion about Isca’s potential weakness, she might not have one that they could immediately take advantage of. This leaves Gorgon with only one basic plan of action, and that is to play the numbers game.

Gordon’s plan is to make quick work of all the other opponents, leaving Isca for last. The hope is that they might be able to use numerical superiority to beat her. However, Gorgon himself seems a little thoughtful of their chances of success.

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