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Midnight Fight Express Game Review

Pure action games with high excitement and violence are rare in the market these days. Can Midnight Fight Express be a cure for this deficiency?

A Polish father named “Jacob Dzwinel” developed Midnight Fight Express under the Unity engine and published it through Humble Games. With its isometric style, Beat ’em Up gameplay, and attractive action, this game has attracted many fans of independent action games. In this article, we will examine this game and the positive and negative points of its experience together.

Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express

If I want to summarize this game in one word, I have to say that the action of this game is very cool and this opinion remains the same at every stage of the game. From the beginning of the game, even though you haven’t unlocked any special combo yet, the gameplay manages to make the audience addicted to the game.

Controlling the game is also very simple, with one button for your punches and kicks, one button to defend and parry attacks, one to grab, one to dodge, and most importantly, one to pick up and throw objects and weapons.

You can pick up various objects from boxes to chairs of dishes and anything else you can think of and throw them at your enemies. What makes this mechanic unique, however, is its speed and integration with your normal fights

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In addition to environmental objects, there are general weapons, such as knives, sticks, guns, etc., which you can use normally to defeat enemies; And of course, throw them at the enemies whenever you want.


These are just your early game features that increase in variety as you progress through the stages. But as you complete each stage you will receive a skill upgrade point. You can use upgrade points for one of the combo categories. This upgrade system ensures that you improve as you complete each stage. You will become a very dangerous creature. But that doesn’t mean the end game will be easy. The game will maintain its sense of challenge in all stages.

Game Stages

All stages of Midnight Fight Express are full of chaos and exciting super-action scenarios. But the repeated use of any style of gameplay may become repetitive after a while and the game maker knows this very well, so every few stages you will experience a series of action scenarios and unique boss fights; That will entice you to keep playing just to see what else is waiting for you. As you complete each stage, related challenges will open up so that you can experience them again.

In addition, different enemies specific to that area are also introduced in each game environment. Most of them look different from the enemies of the previous areas. For example, Plague Bearers quickly dodge your shots when you get a firearm, gang members fight rival gang members, cops can disarm you if you approach them, and many more.

But in the meantime, there are some enemies whose designs are more annoying than challenging your skill. For example, enemies called The Possessed, who keep jumping into the air, or the Rat King, who won’t let you hit or defend. There are others whose difficulty limits you from using most of your skills. But fortunately, the number of these unbalanced enemies is few and they only appear in some special stages.

midnight fight express

Save The City in One Night

The story of the game is not revolutionary and therefore the main focus of the game experience is on the best gameplay of the game. Your story begins when you are arrested and asked to tell the detectives your story.

You play the role of a person nicknamed “Baby Face” in your apartment when a drone named “Droney” enters your house and asks you to help him save the city of Tomorrow because the city is almost dominated by criminals and in the center of it there is a person nicknamed The Boss in control of all this chaos. According to him, it seems that you were part of the members of these criminals, but now you have no memory of the reason and what you did. So, your mission is to save the city.

Also, throughout the story, the game is full of various references to popular games and media, of which you will undoubtedly recognize at least a few; the positive point of this issue is that these references are not forcibly included in the story of the game and the same sense of integrity is felt in this context.

Along with all these interesting things, the developer of the game has managed to make the experience of Midnight Fight Express even more interesting with the soundtrack of the game.

Beat 'em up

Game Music

Of course, music is one of the main parts of any video game, but what makes the music of Midnight Fight Express unique is the amount of power and the wonderful mix of each music in each stage of this game.

Noisecream is the composer of the game’s music. This electro-style music is so great that it increases the level of adrenaline in your body and turns all your fights in Midnight Fight Express into a very special and cool experience.


Midnight Fight Express has once again shown that a game doesn’t need a big budget, a big team, or heavy graphics to provide a great gaming experience. The game’s developer, Jacob Zweinell, along with the wonderful music of Noisecream, has managed to create a delightful work with the ability to experience the game multiple times.

But of course, among all the good things that the game offers, there have been some weaknesses, which fortunately in this title, its weaknesses do not prevent the good experience of the game. However, Midnight Fight Express is, overall, a great success and one of the best indie titles I’ve ever played.

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