The Cronicles Of Asphalt; A Mobile Racing Classic

Though it was launched on Nintendo DS at the same time, the biggest boon for the Asphalt racing series may have come from mobile phone platforms like the Nokia NGage

As far as mobile racing games go, Asphalt is easily one of the most recognisable names in the business. A pioneer in its segment, these are the chronicles of this “on the go” gaming classic.

As we all know, getting a head start always makes a difference. This factor may have played a key role in the success of the Asphalt racing series as developers, Gamloft and Virtuous, where quick in taking advantage of the advancements in mobile technology – releasing Asphalt urban GT (series’ first offering) in 2004.

Though it was launched on Nintendo DS at the same time, the biggest boon for the Asphalt racing series may have come from mobile phone platforms like the Nokia NGage – a gaming focused device, with J2ME versions for other devices of that era. From there, the series has grown from strength to strength, with Asphalt 9: Legends currently at the wheel.

Keeping In The Right Lane

Being up to speed with consumer interests was another win for Asphalt and it’s developers. The late 90s and early 2000s saw a growing interest in the darker side of motorsports, resulting in major successes like The Fast & The Furious, and the Need For Speed series.

Successfully applying a similar formula, the arcade style Asphalt racing series has – since its inception – been very street focused games. However, the Asphalt series has never come up short in terms of experimentation. Over the years, later releases started to incorporate from bigger console based and PC titles like Need For Speed Burnout.

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Though elements of the game – like high speed police chases – have been around for the longest part of Asphat’s history, aerobatics and stunt jumps have pushed them to the back seat in later editions like Asphalt: Nitro. The series even had a go at off road racing with the release of Asphalt: Extreme in 2015.

Just prior to that, Gamloft released the free-to-play Asphalt: Overdrive for Android and IOS. This game stood out among others in its stable, as it strayed from the usual formula. Overdiver didn’t offer players a conventional racing mode, instead, developers opted for an “endless runner” format – similar to SubwaySurfers.

In more recent years, the Asphalt series has done a significant bit of expanding, albeit towards  obvious directions. Every Asphalt release since Asphalt 7: Heat (barring Asphalt: Nitro) are available for Windows 8 to 10, and MACOS – for those who must have a bigger screen.

The Asphalt Experience

The formula behind Asphalt’s gameplay is quite the same as its big name console based ancestors. Players with the most basic options, gradually gaining access to better options through winning races. However, in-game purchases have spiced things up a little bit.

Locations are modeled on real world city circuits and racetracks, and naturally, winning gets harder as players progress through the game – there are even “side missions” like wrecking a certain number of your opponent’s cars.

Another massive win for Asphalt as a mobile based offering is the sheer number of licenced vehicles available for players to choose from. These range from Dodge Dart GTs, to Pagani, Bugatti. Access to that many dream machines on your mobile is definitely a strong point. The very same focus on actuality was also on display with Asphalt: Extreme’s selection of off road vehicles.

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