TOP 10 Strongest Characthers in World of Warcraft lore

Take this list with a grain of salt as WoW lore through the years has only been deteriorating...

With numerous expansions and even more numerous books published, we can all agree that World of Warcraft lore is truly extensive. However, there is no denying that the writers are horrible. Usually, we can see no consistency, and the strengths/weaknesses of certain creatures just change from expansion to expansion. Why you might wonder… Well, we need another expansion so that Blizzard can earn more money. If some of the profit was put into good writers, everyone would be having a better time but here we are. With this in mind, we have put a fairly subjective list together of the ten strongest characters in WoW.

1. The Void Lords

The Void Lords are cosmic entities deeply embedded within the lore of World of Warcraft. These unfathomable beings reside within the void, a dark and chaotic dimension, and their ultimate goal is to consume all of reality. To achieve this sinister aim, the Void Lords seek to corrupt and harness the power of the Old Gods, ancient and corrupted creatures that once roamed Azeroth. The relationship between the Void Lords and the Old Gods is symbiotic, as the Old Gods’ presence in Azeroth serves as a gateway for the Void’s influence.
We put them at first place because up until recently the Titans (basically the gods of the WoW universe) didn’t even notice their existence proving they are more powerful than the Titans themselves. However, so far there hasn’t been much information about them. It is expected more will be revealed in the next expansion.

2. Sargeras

sargeras WoW

Sargeras, the leader of the Burning Legion in the World of Warcraft lore, is widely regarded as the second strongest character in the game’s universe, second only to the Void Lords themselves. His immense power stems from several key factors. First, Sargeras was originally a noble and powerful Titan, one of the cosmic beings responsible for shaping and maintaining the universe. So, we can basically call him a god. Secondly, Sargeras commands the mightiest demonic army in existence, the Burning Legion. Plus, we know that he can wipe out a planet from existence with one single touch. Sargeras and Lucifer are similar in a lot of things, they’re both deities that are considered ”fallen” and are also at least lore-wise considered the masterminds behind most evil in the world.

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3. The Pantheon (Aman’Thul, Eonar, Norgannon, Golganneth, Khaz’goroth, Aggramar)

In the vast and intricate universe of World of Warcraft, the Titans are ancient and awe-inspiring cosmic beings. These colossal, god-like entities are the architects of worlds, responsible for shaping and ordering the chaotic cosmos. Their unrivaled power is rooted in their unique ability to manipulate the very fabric of reality, crafting planets and imbuing them with life. The Titans are so strong because they possess an unparalleled mastery over arcane forces, allowing them to reshape entire worlds.

4. The Old Gods (C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, N’Zoth, Y’Shaarj)

the old gods wow

In the expansive World of Warcraft universe, the Old Gods are ancient, malevolent entities. They dwell deep beneath Azeroth’s surface, spreading corruption. These beings are immensely powerful, their tendrils reaching into mortal minds, sowing madness. Their origins used to be shrouded in mystery. However, in recent lore expansions, it has been revealed that they are a creation of the void lord. Their purpose is to corrupt the Titan who is inside of a plant thus adding it to the void. Despite their confinement, they continue to manipulate events in Azeroth. The Old Gods are a source of constant dread, their dark influence a shadow that lingers over the world, making them enduring and ominous figures in Warcraft lore.

5. Elune

Elune, a revered goddess in the World of Warcraft universe, wields incredible powers. She’s known for her radiant light, healing, and life-giving abilities. So, it comes as no surprise that Elune’s divine influence empowers her followers, granting them strength and guidance. Her presence in the night sky is said to inspire hope and wonder among the night elves. However, Elune’s exact origins and nature remain mysterious. Her powers shape the destiny of Azeroth, making her a revered and potent force in the Warcraft lore.

6. Naaru

The Naaru are another celestial beings within the World of Warcraft universe. These benevolent entities actively combat the forces of darkness, offering guidance and wisdom to those who seek their aid. The Naaru’s radiant presence can purify and heal, and they’re often called upon in times of great peril. These beings are revered by the draenei, who share a close bond with them. Similar to the one of Elune and the Night Elves. Their strength derives from their ability to harness and manipulate this divine energy, allowing them to heal, purify, and combat the forces of darkness effectively. Additionally, their unwavering dedication to the cause of goodness and their commitment to fighting against the Void and the Burning Legion further amplifies their strength.

7. Medivh


Medivh is a significant character in the Warcraft universe. He is the son of Aegwynn, the Guardian of Tirisfal, and was born with innate magical talent. Medivh eventually became a Guardian himself, a position bestowed with tremendous magical power and the duty to protect Azeroth from demonic threats.

However, Medivh’s life took a dark turn when he was cursed by the dark titan Sargeras while still in his mother’s womb. This curse granted him vast knowledge but also led to his corruption and madness. Under Sargeras’s influence, Medivh opened the Dark Portal, allowing the orcish Horde to invade Azeroth, an event that triggered the First War.

8. Kil’jaeden/Archimonde

Kil’jaeden, a cunning and manipulative eredar, wields potent demonic magic, and he plays a key role in the Burning Legion’s relentless crusade to destroy worlds. Archimonde, on the other hand, is a colossal and fearsome eredar who leads the Legion’s armies with an iron fist. Both are architects of chaos and destruction, driven by a relentless desire to spread the corruption of the Burning Legion across the universe. Their immense power, strategic brilliance, and ruthless determination make them formidable adversaries in the ongoing battle for Azeroth’s survival.

9. Queen Azshara

queen azshara

Azshara was once the queen of the night elves. Her beauty was legendary, and her reign marked an era of prosperity in the ancient city of Zin-Azshari. Azshara’s thirst for power, however, led her down a treacherous path as she became enamored with dark forces. Particularly, her obsession with the Old Gods. It led to the catastrophic Sundering, which shattered the world of Azeroth. Transformed into a powerful naga sorceress, Azshara continues to scheme and plot, seeking to reclaim her lost glory and unleash unspeakable horrors upon the world. Her charisma, mastery of arcane magic, and ruthless ambition make her a captivating yet dangerous figure in the Warcraft lore.

10. Cenarius


Cenarius is a demigod who has a deep connection to nature and the Emerald Dream. As the son of the moon goddess Elune and the forest lord Malorne, Cenarius possesses a unique blend of celestial and natural powers. His presence in Azeroth brings life and vitality to the land, and he serves as a guardian of the natural world. Cenarius plays a crucial role in teaching and guiding mortal races, particularly night elves and tauren, in the ways of druidism and respecting the balance of nature. With his antlered crown and immense strength, Cenarius embodies the harmony between the mortal realm and the wilds.

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