Friendspire: Never Get a Wrong Recommendation Again

Bored of watching the same TV show on your streaming service for the 100th time?

Sick of scrolling through internet videos endlessly?

Are you finally done eating at the same restaurant and just hate the idea of trying new, unknown ones?

Well, you are not alone…

Millions of Americans cannot decide on the next show, next book, next restaurant, or next anything because, let’s face it, the review and recommendations system sucks!

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You open any streaming service and you are recommended the same set of TV shows and movies that you’ve already seen so many times. Books, restaurants, even picnic spots recommendations you get are so out of mark.

You need something special, something that you genuinely enjoy, something that’s truly – YOU!

And, who understands you better than the people who know you – friends.

Meet Friendspire

Friendspire puts the ‘social’ in social media. It connects you to people whom you know and enjoy spending time with – offline or online. It brings you top recommendations from all your friends – people who know you, understand you and share similar tastes with you.

Just download Friendspire and:

  • Never miss the best TV shows
  • Know which movies you’ll love even before you open your streaming service
  • Discover friends whose tastes match that of yours
  • And a lot more.

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