Nodejs – A technology which breaks the hegemony

Nodejs is the fastest growing open source platform in the world.

In October last year, Node updated to 10.x(LTS) and 11.x (current). A JavaScript runtime, built on Chrome’s V8 engine. Nodejs is the fastest growing open source platform in the world.

Nodejs key features

  • IO Speed
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Startup time
  • Cost-effective in terms of memory and efficiency

Nodejs is the future. A lightweight, open source technology with huge potential. Nodejs with the power of micro-services it competing with the well-established legacy of Java, C# etc.

Java was preferred over Nodejs for the computational task for performance. However, with the advent of microservices with Node Js, the myth was broken. The ecosystem of NodeJs is blown up.

Node Js is good for microservices and performance benchmarking works for focusing on the characteristics like IO Speed, scalability etc.

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Javascript is the language used in NodeJs. It is widely used language, but it is used by a right section of developers especially in a web application based. It is a vibrant ecosystem of libraries and tools.

Nodejs commonly run in a distributed horizontally scaled fashion way, and no compilation is required to start from a portal.

Some distinctive characteristics that make NodeJs pretty unique for a large subset of web developers in a different number of situation, mostly when it comes to web apps:-

  • Nodejs is a javascript runtime
  • It uses a non-blocking I/O model or Asynchronous architect
  • Uses an event-driven model
  • Real lexical closures like schemes
  • Support excellent for building REST, GraphQL

Being able to use one single programming language to write the code for both clients as well as the server side. It means your life as a web developer is much more comfortable. The developer can go hand on hand with React, Angular and Ember.

Nodejs has quickly risen as one of the most popular and motivated development communities around. It’s still considered as a very viable alternative to Python, Ruby, Java etc.

It is no longer a fad. It is the technology of choice for many websites. Nodejs does not come with the bells and whistles of some full stack framework at all. If you need authentication, templates or database access, you will be writing that stuff by yourself. Nodejs can be as slim as you need it to be .

How Node Js work As compare to others?

Application of Nodejs are data-intensive and provide real-time backend services. This is because of the asynchronous nature of the Node.

“What is asynchronous?” Strike in your mind. Let’s take one example.

“Imagine you go to a coffee shop, a waiter comes to your table and takes your order and gives it to the kitchen and then they move on to serves another table while the chef is preparing your coffee. So the same waiter can serve many different people They don’t have to wait for the chef to make one coffee before they served another people”. this is called  Asynchronous.

This is how Node Js application work. In the above example, the waiter is behaving like a thread which allocated to handle a request. So a single thread is used to handle multiple applications.

By default Node application are asynchronous. So you don’t have to do anything extra. In node, we have a single thread to handle all request and work accordingly. When a request comes, that thread is used to handle that request. If you need to create any database or need to store any information, the thread doesn’t have to wait for the database to return the data. While the database is executing the query that thread are used to serve another client.

When the database preferred to result, it put the message through the Event queue. Node is continuously monitoring this queue in the background. When it’s find any event in this queue, it will take it out and process it.

So this kind of Architecture make Node Js ideal for building application that include a lot of disk or network access. We can serve more clients without the need to through in more hard work. That’s why Node Js application are highly scalable.

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