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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Is this beloved 90s game finally getting the treatment it deserves?

Final Fantasy VII Remake revisits the captivating tale from the 1997 PS1 role-playing classic. Players follow the journey of Cloud, a spiky-haired mercenary, as he becomes entwined with Avalanche. They are an eco-terrorism group fighting against the global corporation Shinra. Shinra harnesses Mako energy, the planet’s lifeblood, to produce electricity and technology.

The game is the first installment in a series, leaving Square Enix with the task of satisfying both longtime fans and newcomers. It must excel as a standalone experience while contributing to a grander narrative. FF7 Remake skillfully achieves these objectives, delivering breathtaking aesthetics, a captivating storyline, and dynamic combat. While occasional uneven pacing and repetitive dungeon designs prevent it from attaining perfection, the overall experience remains a cherished gem for both dedicated fans and first-time players.


The Final Fantasy VII Remake takes a departure from the turn-based battles of the PS1 original. They opted for a more action-oriented combat system that draws inspiration from the successful Final Fantasy XV. Players can switch between three characters in their squad, each with a unique role. Barret excels as a long-range tank. Tifa dominates in up-close melee combat with powerful combos. Aerith wields delicate-yet-powerful magic, and Cloud serves as the versatile all-rounder.

During combat, landing attacks fill the ATB Gauge, enabling the squad to utilize healing items, magic, and high-damage moves. The combat menu slows down time significantly, granting players control over the pace of action, and allowing for thoughtful strategy or rapid-fire decision-making. While there might be occasional camera issues in boss fights, they are far less frequent and intrusive compared to FF15, and swapping to another character usually resolves them instantly.

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In contrast to the original game’s relatively blank slate party members, FF7 Remake offers plenty of customization through equipment upgrades and the Materia system. Each character’s weapons and defensive gear can be equipped with Materia, granting access to spells, stat boosts, and new abilities. Players must frequently adjust their Materia setup on normal difficulty to exploit elemental weaknesses effectively. Late-game bosses present formidable challenges, requiring the right setup to overcome their might.

The story of Final Fantasy VII

Overall, FF7 Remake’s expansions to the original story are both satisfying and valuable. They managed to enrich the relationships within the core group and incorporate unique dialogue seamlessly into combat and exploration. The game demonstrates the unwavering loyalty among its characters, making it truly convincing and heartfelt.

Initially, I was doubtful about delving deeper into the B-tier members of Avalanche, who didn’t leave much impact in the original game. However, FF7 Remake pleasantly surprised me. Spending time with characters like Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge not only adds depth but also elevates the stakes and leaves a lasting impression, making the overall narrative more memorable.

Prior to playing FF7 Remake, there were concerns about whether it would maintain the original game’s quirky humor. However, the game manages to be even funnier, thanks to the zestier language. It’s the little touches of personality that truly stand out.

Graphics and sound

The original FF7 had a visually impressive start on the first PlayStation, but over time, its low-poly character models became a subject of humor among fans. FF7 Remake, however, elevates the game’s aesthetics to a whole new level. The main character designs are intricately detailed, conveying a wide range of emotions and expressions. The action sequences are breathtaking, featuring balletic combat and visually stunning moments.

However, there is a caveat. While FF7 Remake’s environments are impeccably detailed, many of its dungeons and locations within the city of Midgar look similar. The use of recurring terrain, color palettes, and design features can lead to a sense of redundancy, especially or players without a strong sentimental attachment to the original game. This may be especially noticeable in comparison with highly diverse and imaginative dungeon designs of games like Persona 5.

The outstanding and diverse soundtrack of FF7 Remake goes a long way in enhancing the game’s atmosphere. It features fully orchestrated remixes of iconic tunes from the original FF7. The soundtrack boasts an impressive variety of genres, from jazz to metal, bossa nova to electronica, and sultry torch songs to 1950s-era rock. As a long-standing tradition of the Final Fantasy series, FF7 Remake’s soundtrack sets an impossibly high bar for game music and is undoubtedly the franchise’s best soundtrack yet. The music contributes significantly to the overall experience, making it even more enjoyable and immersive.


In conclusion, FF7 Remake is a visually stunning and emotionally engaging experience that successfully revitalizes the classic PlayStation game. Despite some repetitive environments, the expansions to the story and enriched character relationships make it a cherished and memorable gaming experience, leaving players eagerly anticipating the future installments to come.

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