Shift Happens – Co-op Game Review

Yet another great co-op game which will take away hours of your life, so BEWARE as Shift Happens!


It’s a puzzle platforming game. You play as Bizmo & Plom at the same time, all the time on the screen. This game especially focuses on co-op gameplay, and it is quite good in what it does in such sense. This means both characters need to do something together in order to solve the puzzle.

Along the way, you are going to learn a different ways of doing things and the game has a really cool way of showing you how to do that by just giving you a small little simple level to learn a new mechanics and then you’ll use them in future ones. Sometimes, it’s not just about using the immediate thing, you have to actually go back and know the previous mechanics that you’ve learned and compile them all together to pass the future levels.

Levels of Fun

Shift Happens offers over 40. levels that get more and more challenging as you go and I did notice even through the first set of levels it definitely got more challenging and I found myself wondering: „How in the world I am going to get through this?!“.  And it was a good challenge, because it challenged my brain so I had to think of all previous puzzles and find a solution that way. This game is special in such way, that you always want to beat the level, you don’t want to give up, because you can almost „feel“ that the solution is barely within my grasp . I knew there was going to be some way I can figure it out.

Final review

I was incredibely suprised by this game. As you can probably tell, I do recommend this game and you can pick it up on Steam store. I was thinking on what could be the downfall, but I couldn’t think of any – 5. star game.

Shift Happens Review

Graphics - 8.5
Gameplay - 10
Sounds & Music - 8.5


Excellent game!

Absolutely amazing co-op game!

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Shift Happens
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