Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release Date and Information

Nintendo and Game Freak are starting 2022 with the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus on January 28th to the Nintendo Switch. This announcement has caused a lingering buzz in the pokemon community. The companies have released a stunning gameplay preview and story premise:


This game will be set in the Hisui region (what is now Sinnoh) during a time when pokemon and people weren’t commonly associated together. The map of this game boasts several regions as well.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus also uses a classical and traditional style which has a grainy look to the colors. On the map itself, Mt.Coronet lies at the center and is surrounded by snowy, desert, green, and water habitats. Jubilife village is the hub of the Galaxy Expedition Team – people who have come to Hisui to study. The Galaxy Team consists of different corps, such as the Medical, Security, and Survey Corps. Players will be a part of the survey corps which travel to various regions and study the pokemon that exist there and their behaviors. 

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Main characters in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Players will have the choice to play as either Rei or Akari. Your job at the survey corps will be to study and meet every Pokemon in Hisui to complete the first-ever Pokedex. 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

You will also meet Professor Laventon – another member of the Survey Corps who aims to create the first complete Pokedex. In the beginning, there is a choice between 3 starter pokemon- Oshowatt, Rowlet, and Cyndaquil.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The leader of the Survey Corps is known as Captain Cyllene. She is strict but trustworthy and a good leader. She is the one that sees potential in the player and allows you to join the Survey Corps.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Diamond and Pearl Clans

Hisui region is also home to 2 other groups; the Diamond Clan, and the Pearl clan. They pay homage to the special pokemon they call Lord or Ladies. These Pokemon are known as the Noble Pokemon. Both clans follow different Noble Pokemon and dress to match them. They both have their Clan wardens who directly serve their Lord or Lady.

The gameplay of Pokemon Legends: Arceus

In this game, pokemon live fully free in their respected habitats. There are Pokemon that can only be witnessed in certain conditions such as during specific weather or time. You can also find pokemon in unexpected places in this game, not due to glitches for once, such as up in trees or hiding in rock crevices. To start a battle with a wild Pokemon, you need to throw one of your pokemon at a wild one. In this game, you will enter the battle seamlessly without any choppy battle sequence that exists in other games in the series. 

The battle itself will have different rules and mechanics. Instead of taking turns, the number of turns and what actions in the turns are determined by the Pokemon’s stats. This means that some pokemon get more turns than their opponent. You can now heal your pokemon right after an attack or send multiple attacks in quick succession. 

There are rare Pokemon called Alphas – they are larger than the normal ones and have glowing red eyes. They will chase you and attack even unprovoked. They are much tougher than normal Pokemon but can drop rare items when defeated. 

The player can use the same attack in two different ways – agile style or strong style. Picking the right one can give you the upper hand in a battle depending on the opponent. Agile style increases the attack’s speed but lowers the power. Strength does the opposite.

Crafting is also a new edition to this game. You can now craft certain items using the workbenches that can be found at camps and Jubilife village 

Closing thoughts

This game has been exciting for Pokemon fans all around the world. After seeing the gameplay preview, it is clear that this game will be very different from previous games. There are many new features and the main battle style has been changed (hopefully in a good way).

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