Auto Brawl Chess: A Refreshing Twist To The Ancient Game ?

Created by Panoramik Games, Auto Brawl Chess puts player against player/AI on a battlefield that resembles a traditional chess board

Over the centuries, many aspects of the world have changed. The ancient game of chess has remained mostly resistant to change over the most recent century. Auto Brawl Chess adds a refreshing twist to it.

Auto Brawl Chess: Battle Royale is a mobile based role playing game (RPG) and strategy game where one can play against the AI or even challenge other human opponents. Truth be told, the game only loosely applies the rules of chess during the five minutes of battle royale style engagement.

With an introductory clip that oversells the gratuity of the combat action, the game’s design is playful and the style is tilted towards a cartoonish look.

What’s The Game Like?

Created by Panoramik Games, Auto Brawl Chess puts player against player/AI on a battlefield that resembles a traditional chess board. Guided by a set of rules that are adapted from the original game of chess, players will compete against one another to decide a winner.

To do this, each player has numerous heros from over 100 factions and classes to choose from. And this is where the strategic element of the game comes into play. So one needs to consider how each new addition will complement their team, and how they will perform against your opponent’s chosen heros.

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These characters can also be upgraded. This is done in between skirmishes using your earnings from battles that you’ve engaged in. Moreover, you can even use the coins to increase the number of characters you have on the field – if numbers is your game.

For every battle, players have access to a “Warlord” character who joins them in the fight. However, the Warlord does not engage in any fighting. Instead, their presence gives a bonus – like a 15% health increase – to your other heros. You can also unlock new warlords by increasing rank, or simply purchasing a new warlord if your budget permits.

Auto Brawl Chess is as the name suggests. All the fighting is completely automated. When all the preparations are completed and characters are lined up on the board, players can only watch and hope that they have made the right tactical decisions.

The Good

Auto Brawl Chess: Battle Royale does a good job of making its unusual combination of genres an enjoyable experience. When you consider the elements of an RPG being combined with strategy and a Battle Royale style of play, it might be hard to imagine it actually working. However, this game might have the correct formula.

The Bad

One of the most noticeable shortcomings is how little introduction or explaination is given around the choices one has when choosing character classes and factions that are available. In fact, the vague approach seems to spill over on to other aspects of gameplay. The rules of the game are not as clearly explained as they should be, and some – if not most – players might struggle to understand the conditions to winning in the first few tries.

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